Now that was a great day of riding!  If Toby Price was here to witness you pushing your dirt bike to the absolute limit, he would go off!  As you start to load up you go to tie down the handlebars and notice a bit of oil leaking from the front forks.  Either your CRF is a bit emotional or you have a damaged fork seal.

Replacing fork seals is not a fun job but it is one that all motocross and off-road riders are familiar with or will have to familiarise themselves with at some point. All you need is a fork oil seal kit, fork oil, fork bushing kit driver, a few wrenches and a YouTube video. It might also be a good idea to include a fork dust seal kit because these seals are generally replaced with the fork oil seal, a fork savers kit or a wiper seal because this helps to prevent damage to the dust and fork seals and a cold beer because you are a legend. 

Remember before removing the front wheel of your dirt bike to secure it using either the swingarm near the sprocket or the foot pegs even if the bike looks stable on the stand. You should also leave the front brake caliper in place and insert a small spacer between the brake pads to prevent them from clamping together whilst you are doing maintenance work. 

At MXstore we have a wide range of OEM fork seal kits from brands like SKF, All Balls, Motion Pro and DRC  that fit all the major manufacturers including Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Gas Gas, and KTM as well as some Fork brands like KYB and Showa.

If you are after maintenance parts like air filters, bearing kits, oil filters, rebuild kits, spark plugs and bushings or you are after other parts like hand guardsclutch levers, brake master cylinder and brake lines.  Then head to the My Garage section on our website where you can enter your bike and find all the parts and bike accessories specific to your motorcycle.

Now get all the necessary parts and riding gear in your shopping cart, checkout and Ride More!