A new set of heavy-duty inner tubes and tyres for your off-road motocross and enduro dirtbike is a riders favourite. Knowing you have a set of rubber underneath you when you hit the track for maximum traction is a huge confidence booster. We have a massive range of Dunlop front tyres, rear tyres and tubes and many other brands such as MichelinPirelliBridgestoneVee Rubber plus more, in a range of knobby and dual sport patterns. 

Regardless if you own a Honda, Yamaha, Ktm, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Sherco, Beta or Gas Gas we will have tyres to suit your OEM wheel sets! We offer a range of ultra heavy duty (UHD) Tubes, Heavy-duty tubes (HD), Mousse Tubes, Tubeless and standard replacement inner tube for almost every size dirt bike rim from the mini bike and full-sized bikes. Motorcycle tyres and tubes are extremely important, even the slightest puncture or air leak around the rim lock can ruin your entire day/weekend of riding. We recommend for offroad motocross racers to carry spare dirt bike tubes and bolt kits as a rule of thumb. Enduro racers we recommend the same, as well as a puncture repair kit for the occasional patchwork during a bush rides where you might not have the tools or the time to replace the entire tube given the terrain and situation. 

Keep your motorbike tyres and tubes in mind next time you are looking to pimp out your ride, mix them in with some new sprockets, handlebars, air filters, oil filters or handguards whatever it might be at the time!