We all love the look and the sound of an aftermarket exhaust system on any motocross or enduro bike. We offer a huge range of dirt bike exhaust systems for most offroad models to replace your OEM parts and give your bike a gnarly new look and sound! Industry leaders such as FMFPro Circuit ExhaustsYoshimura Exhaust and many more offer a range of slip-on systems if the header pipe is not needed.

Our range of slip-on mufflers and exhaust systems increases horsepower across the entire rev range of your dirtbike and sounds incredible while doing so! Some brands offer spark arrestor silencer extras to quiet down the dirt bike exhaust and act as a baffle which is easily inserted into the Carbon fiber/Titanium/stainless steel end cap most FMF Powercore and FMF Factory Titanium Powercore 4 slip-ons. 

We also offer replacement muffler packing for when you choose to service your exhaust pipe. With a range of 2 stroke and 4 stroke silencers we also stock replacement exhaust springs to keep you on the track!