Making sure your dirt bike is equipped with a high quality and well maintained chain is vital in ensuring you are getting the best performance out of your machine, as well as helping make your riding experience safer. Whether you are riding motocross, supercross or enduro, the last thing you want happening is any failure involving your chain. Most off road riders have either themselves, or know of a fellow rider who has experienced the misfortune of breaking their chain. On the track it can have significant consequences and is known to have been at fault for some pretty serious get offs, whereas having it occur mid enduro loop is the definition of inconvenience. 

At MXstore we stock a wide range of dirt bike chains and accessories to help keep you riding. We have a huge range of both O-Ring chains and non O-Ring (more commonly regarded as a standard chain) from a wide of manufacturers including D.I.D chains, Renthal, EK Chains, RK Chains, RHK and many others. As well as motorcycle chains, we also have an assortment of master links and heavy duty chain breakers to assist in easily replacing the chain on your Kawasaki, KTM or Yamaha.