Whether you are racing motocross or simply enjoying a leisurely enduro outing, ensuring you have a well maintained chain and sprocket on your dirt bike is an essential part of bike maintenance. Lubing your dirt bike chain with the best chain lube for your type of chain, and with the right amount of chain lube helps to extend the life of your entire drive train. Chain lubricant helps with lubricating your chain to allow the power to get from your engine to your rear wheel with the least resistance, as well as offering a waterproof layer to prevent rusting and premature aging. Modern chain lubes are made up of variety of ingredients to best limit the amount of lube that will fling off and end up all over your swing arm. As well blends often feature teflon that ensures minimal grime and foreign particles become attached and hasten the wear processes. Whether you have an O-Ring, an X-Ring or a non O-Ring chain on your off road machine, MXstore can help get you the best motorcycle chain lube for bike. We stock a massive range of chain lubes, chain wax and chain cleaners from a wide range range of manufacturers including Motorex, Belray, Muc Off, Maxima, Motul and Penrite.