If you think that Dirt Bike Grips are pretty low on the list of important parts on your motocross bike think again. All of your steering, throttle, clutch, braking and overall control of the bike is performed through the handlebars. And the point of connection between man and machine are your hands and Motocross Grips.

For something which is relied upon so heavily we are constantly surprised by how many sets of worn out or torn Moto Grips we see on any Sunday.

Fortunately MXstore holds a massive range of rubber compounds, brands and patterns of MX Grips all at a very affordable price. Some models of grips even qualify for free freight anywhere in Australia so there are no excuses for letting your grips get ratty!

Not sure on which grips to get? Contact the friendly customer service team at MXstore who will gladly help you with all of your enquiries.