When you take your new motocross bike out onto the track or through the trails we highly recommend checking out the range of clutch covers for your bike. This product is not an OEM replacement for your engine casing, this product is an extra layer of protection for all your off-road abuse that the dirt bike withstands each time you leave the house.

Some of the clutch cover protectors come as an individual item and some are offered in a pack with the ignition cover included. Why not go one step further and check out our range of swingarm protectors and billet bash & skid plates as well to maximise the potential of your machine. We have clutch cover protectors for KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and Suzuki. Our best sellers are the Polisport clutch cover protector, Acerbis factory clutch covers, RHK clutch covers and more!

Next time you're shopping online for some new bike parts be sure to include a clutch cover protector in your shopping cart among your new goggles, handlebars, brake levers or anything else you desire!