Airoh is a name that has become synonymous with helmet royalty. Surging through the global helmet ranks since their inception in 1997, Airoh has established themselves as the premium helmet brand in both onroad and offroad motorsports, largely thanks to their unwavering commitment to their brand slogan - Safety, Before Anything Else. The high level of technical detail, product care and innovation that is poured into each and every Airoh helmet distinguises them from all others, and allows the brand to create products that will always be on top. With a total of 71 World Titles (and counting), you don't have to look very far in the world of motocross to find an Airoh helmet standing on the top step of the podium. Superstars like Toni Cairoli, Marvin Musquinn, Jason Anderson and Jeffrey Herlings choose to fly under the Airoh name, and it's not too hard to figure out why.

Airoh helmets range across various styles and price points, but there's no doubting the crown jewel of the brand. Airoh Aviator 2.2 Helmets offer the technology and style to match any other premium motocross helmet on the planet, but there's one area that these helmets are simply unmatched - they're light. Weighing in at a measly 950g, you won't believe how light the Aviator 2.2 really is until you pick one up and put it on your head. In a sport like motocross where championships are won and lost by a split second, a helmet weighing in at nearly half of some of the competition is an invaluable asset. Aside from the pure speed gains, the freedom and mobility a rider feels on the dirt bike with such a light helmet is something that you can't put a price on. If you're a serious racer, get your head in the helmet of world champions, and grab yourself an Aviator 2.2 today.

Coming in at the other end of the spectrum, Airoh Twist Helmets borrow a lot in style and aesthetics from their big brother, but come with a much more affordable price tag for those who may not be competing at the highest level of the sport. Still weighing in at an ultra light weight of 1100g, the Twist helmets are made from HRT (High Resistant Thermoplastic), offering a super sturdy helmet that offers maximum protection to the wearer. Blessed with an abundance of high-end features and some of the raddest colour schemes you'll see on a motocross helmet, the Twist is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a top quality product for an extremely affordable price. 

No matter what level of the sport you're involved in, be it backyard mini-bike tracks or international professional competition, the helmet is by far the most important piece of protective equipment you'll ever own. Check out the Airoh production facility and manufacturing processes in the video below so you can see firsthand the level of care and intricacy involved with every single Airoh helmet that gets made. Ensure you get your head in the best helmets in the world, and grab yourself an Airoh today!