Founded in 1931, Bridgestone has thrived on supplying the highest of quality and performance in tyres. With outstanding results across all motorsport disciplines, the brand has never failed to give an innovating approach to developing new products. 

Combining performance and quality are Bridgestone Battlecross Tyres, having the special design Castle Block tread blended with the Anti-Degration Fin on the side walls. The Castle Block is next level in block designs, giving a better overall contact pressure which provides better grip in all conditions. The Anti-Degration Fin is designed to improve side wall strength for lower pressures and also allows the tire to take on more heat without the sidewall folding with it's special cooling effect. The Battlecross comes in the X20(Soft), X30(Mid) and X40(Hard) in a huge range of sizes, making these the go-to tyre for anyone on a dirt bike!