Getting your kids onto a dirt bike is the first step - keeping them safe on the bike is the second. Making sure your young riders are decked out in the latest and greatest kids riding gear is an epic part of getting them into riding. But making sure that they have on capable safety attire is the real priority though. There's a pretty long list of safety gear requirements that suddenly finds itself front and centre when the time comes to putting your youngster onto a motorbike. A good quality kids motocross helmet, goggles and boots, as well as some type of kids body armour tend to sit up towards the top of the list. Kids motocross gloves might not come across as the most crucial ingredient in this safety list, but getting a pair of well fitting MX gloves from day one will ensure that the fragile palms of your youngsters are kept safe in the event of a tip over, or from the inevitable hours of gripping the handlebars.

MXstore have a massive gear bag filling range of motorcycle gloves available for all disciplines of riding, as well as a massive range of kids gloves for the smaller hand brigade. Thankfully plenty of brands understand that getting the youngsters happy in a set of their youth gloves from day one can lead to a long term commitment to a brand - as such you will find some pretty high end and super comfy offerings from brands such as Fox Racing, Alpinestars, Oneal, Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs and more. They are probably one of the more overlooked items when the time comes to getting some new motocross gear, but off road gloves offer protection for the most crucial point of contact between bike and rider. Kids love colours too - so that's the other thing we have here at MXstore. Tonnes of colours so that your grom can go out for the ride matching their Yamaha PW50, KTM65 or Honda fun bike.