Relatively new to the game, POD took the idea of a protective knee brace and revolutionised the concept, turning it from a luxury few could afford into a true necessity for anyone serious about the sport of motocross. Introducing a technology known as Human Motion®, POD was one of the very first brands to truly recognise the significant risks your knees are placed at during high intensity sport. Human Motion® technology takes POD's Synthetic Ligaments and places most of the strain on them, greatly reducing the strain on your own ligaments, and thus significantly decreasing the risks of a serious knee injury. POD Knee Braces are a revolutionary step forward in the protection of one of the body's most vital (and extremely fragile) joints, and anyone serious about action sports should make the investment now, to save themselves from what could otherwise be a very grim fate. Anyone who has suffered a serious knee injury knows just how grim that is, so don't take the chance, and grab yourself a set of POD's today. 

POD truly set themselves apart from the competition with their huge range of replacement parts and accessories available for all of their braces. Indeed, the range of POD Knee Brace Parts offers such a complete service that you could almost build yourself a brand new brace! As with all products, a knee brace may not last forever. The general wear and tear on a product like a knee brace can be quite substantial, given the extreme conditions in which they are generally used. With such a strong range of replacement parts, POD ensures that your investment is well protected, with replacement liners, straps, padding and guards available to replace at a fraction of the cost of the brace as a whole, given that the majority of the brace is still operating at 100% efficiency. While your initial purchase may be quite expensive, a cheap replacement padding set every few years certainly isn't, and with your safety being the number one concern, it's almost impossible to say no. 

Here at MXstore, safety is by far our number one priority, which is why we are such massive fans of a brand like POD. Many of us choose to ride with the POD K8 Knee Braces, the top of the line brace offered by POD. The most technically advanced brace on the market today, the K8's have everything you need and more to keep your knees as protected as possible while riding (or taking part in any other leg intensive action sports for that matter). They feel invisible, and you feel invincible! What more could you want out of a knee brace? The K1 knee braces also offer a great option for kids aged 10-15 years, with micro adjustable size options to adjust to each individuals preferences. If you take your safety as seriously as we do here at MXstore, shop with POD and feel confident knowing you're wearing the best you can get.