Founded back in the early 1970's, FMF was there in the days when the watercooled engine and single shocks were huge innovations that changed the industry. With the continued evolution of technology throughout the whole of the motorcycle industry, it's vital for performance brands like FMF to keep themselves at the forefront of that wave. Having dominated the performance exhaust market since the early 70's, FMF know a thing or two about taking the most advanced piece of machinery and pushing it to its absolute limit. Get an FMF on your most prized piece of machinery today and get ready to unleash your dirt bikes true potential.

All FMF Exhausts are hand built from start to finish in the United States, offering unsurpassed quality and integrity in every product produced in the Flying Machine Factory in southern California. Specializing in both 2 stroke and 4 stroke exhausts, FMF is the go-to exhaust brand for factory race teams around the world. As the official exhaust of the AMA world championships, you don't have to look very far to find an FMF system in the premier supercross and motocross competitions on the planet. Riders like Shane McElrath, Jason Anderson, Davi Millsaps and Aaron Plessinger regularly find themselves standing on the top step of the podium, and the raw power that comes from their FMF exhausts certainly plays a vital role in the speed required to win these races. Ranging everything from full anodized titanium FMF Factory 4.1 systems down to stainless 2 stroke shorty silencers, FMF have all your needs covered when it comes to dirt bike exhausts.

Any dirt bike exhaust range spanning as wide as FMF's needs a solid offering of spare parts and accessories to go with it, and that's exactly what you'll find with the FMF Exhaust Accessories and spare parts range. With a huge range of replacement FMF end caps, FMF Powercore 4, 2 stroke and 4 stroke muffler packing, exhaust bungs to suit all your dirt bikes, replacement exhaust decals, quiet inserts and spark arrestor inserts, FMF offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of exhaust accessories. Ensure your premium exhaust system is accompanied by the best accessories possible, and get involved with FMF's exhaust accessories today!

Brands come and go in the motocross industry, making FMF's long lasting history even more impressive. The reason behind their longevity can be put down to one simple thing; an unwavering passion to the world of motocross. For those who love the sport, there is nothing more satisfying that throwing a leg over a motocross bike and heading for the track or trails. At FMF, the love for the sport is evident in every product they make. The passion, commitment, dedication and love is reflected with every ring-ding-ding-ding of a 2 stroke firing up on an early Winter's morning, and every vvroooom that is the throaty roar of a 4 stroke machine heading out for the final moto of the day. Explore the origins of the Flying Machine Factory in the video below and see that love for yourself.