Padded Shirts are big in the motocross, enduro, ATV, BMX, and MTB industry as they are lightweight, breathable and class as some of the best protective gear we have to offer. Body armour is a must when racing as they call it body armour for the reason it protects your body and all your vital organs.  These will also help protect you from roost coming from the rider ahead of you.  Some brands we list consist of Fox, TLDLeatt, G-form and ANSR that all have different levels of protection.  Leatt and Troy Lee Designs lead this category with their collection of body armour in both a t-shirt and long sleeve option, all of which have inbuilt elbow guards depending on what you're wanting it for.  Wearing a padded shirt chest protector will provide a comfortable riding environment and fitment of a neckbrace is easy and perfect so that when your motorcycle helmet is on you have plenty of head movement.

Mountain bike riders use padded shirts so that they cover themselves with the correct riding gear needed for those unexpected falls but also have a lightweight, breathable shirt so that when they're climbing big hills to get to the trail they aren't overheating.  All our padded shirts are high quality and double as a roost deflector for that horrible roost suffered by all motocross riders.  To go with your padded shirt make sure to have a look at our padded shorts also!