Ultimate Guide To Dirt Bike Tools

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Having a tool kit is a requirement when riding and racing dirt bikes, as every rider will need to undertake maintenance or carry out repairs. Some tools are more important than others, and in this guide, we look at the essentials you'll need to keep your bike running, giving you more time to rip motos.

The essential dirt bike tools

T-Handles: T-Handles are the most common tools you'll be using to maintain your dirt bike. The most popular sizes you'll need are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, although additional sizes wouldn't hurt to have in your tool kit (and depending on your bike's sizes). You'll use these for the majority of bolts on your dirt bike.

Allen Keys: An Allen Key or hex key set is incredibly handy for riders, and you'll find they'll have a number of uses on your dirt bike, but also for other bits and pieces of gear and accessories.

Socket set: Just like a set of T-Handles, a full socket set is a must for every dirt bike rider. You're certain to come into a scenario where you need more leverage, a range of sizes, or just easier access, and that's where a socket set will come into play.

Hammer/Rubber mallet: Things get stuck and won't budge sometimes, which is why recommend having a hammer, particularly a rubber mallet so you don't damage anything, in your tool box.

Spanners: A spanner is a necessity, and it's best to kit yourself with a full range of sizes, plus a range of adjustable spanners. These will come in handy in so many instances, such as tightening your chain, removing your rear wheel, or tightening your head-stem nut.

Spoke wrench: A spoke wrench or spoke spanner explains itself, but this is a must-have, and on most occasions, your dirt bike will come with one if it's purchased new from a dealer.

Pliers: A selection of standard and point nose pliers will get you out of trouble in different scenarios and are essential to be in tool box. Not only do they come in handy during times of need, but they also serve other purposes, such as snipping cable-ties and any wires.

Tyre pressure gauge: You should be checking your tyre pressures before every ride, so a tyre gauge will prove it's worth in a matter of weekends.

Tyre levers: Changing a tyre or replacing a tube is something you're bound to do, so kitting yourself with at least two tyre levers is essential for all riders to get the job done.

Torque wrench: Many bolts on your dirt bike will need to be to be tightened to a specific torque (which you can find out the specifics in your owner's manual), making a torque wrench an absolute asset in your tool kit.

Screwdriver: Screwdrivers aren't overly required, although they do have their uses on a dirt bike. We recommend having a mix of flathead and phillips head screwdrivers for various tasks. A flat head screwdriver will be required to adjust your suspension clickers.

Do I need all these tools before I get a dirt bike? 
The above tools are definitely essentials that you'll want in your tool box before you get a dirt bike, as maintenance and repairs will occur as soon as you hit the track. 

Having them will ensure you don't ruin a weekend of riding because you didn't have the right tools, and it will avoid additional expenses of having to take your bike to a mechanic for simple tasks that you could do at home with the right tools.

Should I have a tool box?
Absolutely! A tool box is a must to keep your tools organised and to ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten behind. We recommend something like the Matrix M32 Worx tool box, which can adequately store all your tools, plus it's easily portable so you can take it from the garage to the track without any dramas.

Do I need any power tools?
Power tools aren't a necessity, however they will come in handy for a number of tasks, especially as your mechanical skills develop and you undertake more challenging modifications or repairs. A drill would be the ideal place to start and will most likely be the full extent of power tools that you need. 

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