Your dirt bike is no show pony, it is a racehorse. Similar to the owner of a racehorse, you have the responsibility to keep your bike in shape and top condition. Checking everything from the bearings to spark plugs should be part of your maintenance routine.

A weekend's worth of riding is traditionally followed by a week's worth of maintenance, having the right set of tools in your toolbox does not only makes the job easier but it also reduces the likelihood of striping hexagon bolts, overtightening, crushing washers or damaging other parts on your moto.

Hand tools are ideal for working on your bike because you can use them in the outback or in the back shed plus they are generally small and easy to carry around. The main tools you'll need to get the job done is a set of spanners, a t-handle torx set, a hex key wrench set, a long arm screwdriver set, a socket set, a set long pliers, hex allen key set (SAE imperial hex key set for Euro bikes and a metric hex key set for Japanese bikes), tool kit and a multi-tool is always good to have.

Power tools are great for some specialist jobs but they tend to be larger and need to be connected to the grid to work. Power tools you might need to get the job done include air compressors to operate air tools, a nut driver, allen key sets, hex key sets, torx keys, electric ratchet, a sanding machine, grinders and soldering tools. It might also be worth getting a set of ballpoint hex keys, these have a ball end, unlike the traditional 12 piece t-handle hex key set.

Spare parts are often overlooked but a weekend of riding can easily be cut short by a broken part. Parts to keep in the toolbag include a spare brake lever and clutch lever, fasteners as well as a 108 piece imperial bolt kit or a 108 piece metric bolt kit.

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