Tyre pressure gauges are definitely a track essential! Tyres can inflate and deflate depending on the weather conditions, so it is important to always check the air pressure is correct. When riding motocross or enduro if your tyres are running higher pressure you will feel the bike skating around and not sticking to the track, but If you have got low pressure in the tyres your tyre will be rolling on the bead and it is very likely for you to get a puncher. 

Motion Pro is leading in this department according to customer reviews as they have the most accurate off-road analogue and digital gauge we offer.  Air-pressure-gauges are used to check the pressure of the tyres but remember that you will still need some sort of pump so that if the pressure is low you can get it back to at least 12psi.  When checking your tyre pressure make sure to have the air-pressure-gauge level with the valve stem to get the best reading.