How To: Remove and Install New Dirt Bike Grips

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How To Install Dirt Bike Grips

When it comes to your dirt bike, the initial point of connection is through your Dirt bike grips. Therefore, having comfortable, new grips is pivotal for ensuring optimal comfort, reducing arm pump, and maintaining a controlled and secure connection between you and your bike.

In this step-by-step guide, we share a couple of ways how to install and replace new grips!

How to remove dirt bike grips:

Dirt bike grips are generally super easy to remove, and considering on most occasions you won't be needing them again, you can simply cut your old grips off the bike handlebar with a stanley knife.

Step one - Slice grip:

The first step is to slice the moto hand grip with a packaging knife/stanley knife horizontally - make sure to cut in the direction away from your body to avoid injury.

Step two - Peel off grip: 

With a slit across the centre of the handlebar grip, you can now peel off the grip - job done! 

If you intend to keep the grips your replacing, there's a different method to ensure you don't damage them.;

Step One - Lift edge of grip:

The first step is lift the edge of the off-road motorcycle grip - it may already be able to be lifted up without help depending on where the glue has settled, otherwise you can use a flathead screwdriver to softly lift up the inside of the grip.

Step two - Use air compressor:

You'll need an air compressor for step two, which you'll want to put the tip beneath the grip where you just lifted the edge. Blow air into the grip while twisting and pulling, and the MX grip should quickly slide off the handlebar.

In some cases on brand-new motocross bikes, the standard grips will be moulded to the throttle tube, essentially making it useless when you're installing a new set. Keep this in mind when you're ordering a new pair of grips, as ordering a new throttle tube along with them will mean you get back on track sooner.

How to install dirt bike grips:

Just like removing MX grips, installing them is a simple and easy process. But before you get stuck into installing that fresh pair, there's a little bit of preparation needed to ensure your new grips don't work their way loose. This also a good opportunity to inspect your throttle tube - if it's cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, it's time to replace it.

Step one - Preparation:

The first step to preparation is making sure there isn't any remaining old glue from the old set of grips, and that the handlebar and throttle tube are completely clean. It's best to use a contact cleaner to ensure the surface is clean from any glue or oil. You may need to use a scouring pad to remove the old glue.

Step two - Apply grip glue:

Once the area is clean, it's time to use grip glue and install the grips - we always recommend using a dedicated grip glue. Insert some glue just inside the grip, and also put a line of glue up and down the handlebar or throttle tube. 

Step three - Slide grip on:

Usually, the grips will just slide on with glue acting as lube before sticking dry, although if you're finding them a bit tough, you can always use an air compressor to assist in sliding them into position. To do this, simply point the compressed air under the grip from the inner side. Remove any excess glue with a rag or cloth, and make sure the end of the grip is pushed all the way through.

Step four - Apply safety wire:

Depending on your preference, you may also want to use safety wire to ensure the grips remain locked on without twisting. Most grips will have dedicated slots for safety wire - we advise to do two loops around the bar before twisting and 'tieing' off the wire with safety wire pliers. This is a practice undertaken by most motocross, enduro and ATV riders.

The only time you won't use the above processes is when you have lock-on grips, such as the offerings from ODI. This style of grip is even easier to install, as you simply tighten the screws in either side of the grip.

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