When it comes to ensuring the most precise relationship between man and machine, there is not many components on your bike as vital as your grips. The performance and comfort provided by this critical connection can really make or break your day on the bike. ODI Grips have for over 30 years been regarded as the world leader in grip technology - a position achieved by ensuring quality products and continuing innovation. They conquered the bicycle markets with renowned bmx grips and mtb grips such as the longneck, ODI ruffian and ODI Rogue. Developing their ODI lock-on technology to ensure the easiest and most assured contact with your handlebars, this lock-on grip technology has expanded to become the industry standard in the mountain bike world. 

Their simple instalment process has also been brought to the motocross and dirt bike space, allowing you to slip your favourite half waffle grips onto your existing bars. ODI have teamed up with legendary rider Jeff Emig to bring both their own ODI range as well as additional Emig branded offerings. You'd be hard pressed to not find a dirt scooter at an Australian track not running a set of these beauties.