The MXstore Buying Guide for Dirt Bike Grips

The MXstore Buying Guide for Dirt Bike Grips main image

When it comes to dirt bike grips, there are heaps of different brands, compounds and styles to choose from, and sometimes in can be a little overwhelming. 

That's why we've developed this buyer's guide to dirt bike grips, so you can choose the best grip for your next ride.

What is the difference between dirt bike grip types?

There are generally soft, medium and hard compounds, while a lot of options are dual compound grips. These will come in the form of waffle grips, half waffle grips, diamond grips, and pillow top grips.

Hard grips usually last longer and are quite durable, however they are tougher on your hands and can promote the likeliness of blisters. On the other hand, medium and soft compound grips don't have the same durability, but they usually feel better on your hands.

Full Waffle:

Full Waffle grips consist of rectangular-shaped boxes around the entire grip - this type offers a great amount of grip on the bars (especially in wet conditions!), although it does come at the cost of being harsh on your hands.

Half Waffle:

Half waffle grips are one of the most popular options - they will consist of the same rectangular-shaped waffle pattern boxes, although only halfway around the grip. The other side of the grip features a diamond-shaped 'tread' pattern, and this type is more forgiving on your hands.


Diamond grips are exactly that - a full grip consisting of the diamond pattern. You'll usually find these in soft and medium compounds, and they're generally a 'thinner' grip than their counterparts. This a really popular option amongst riders.

Pillow top:

Pillow top grips are essentially filled with 'pillows' of elevated rubber, and the most common offering is the Pro Taper Pillow Top. There are usually two types: One with a thick profile, and one with a thin profile. Both are dual compounds and are easy on your hands, although they do offer a larger feeling on the handlebar.


Kevlar grips, most notably by Renthal, offer a mix of durability with a softer compound, and they provide a 'sticky' feeling. This is a more expensive grip, although you do generally get an extended amount of riding from them.

What are lock-on grips?:

Lock-on grips are exactly what they sound like - they lock onto your handlebars, rather than requiring grip glue and safety wire. ODI has pioneered lock-on grips and introduced them to the dirt bike world, and they're now widely popular riders. Lock-on grips come in a variety of the grip compounds and styles listed above, and they're generally secured to the bar by a pair of hex head fixings. This makes for a super simple and quick replacement process. The throttle side also includes the throttle tube as it's all moulded together, so that's an added bonus, however lock-on grips are generally more expensive than traditional grips.

Motocross Vs Enduro grips: Is there a difference?

There is no difference between the grips you use on a motocross bike versus an off-road enduro bike, and it again comes down to personal preference and experimenting with grips to find the best feeling. Everyone's hands are different - sometimes a soft compound grip will be perfect for one rider, yet increase blisters for another, and vice-versa, meaning there's no definitive grip for either motocross racing or enduro riding.

Which motocross grips are right for me?

So you've got all this information, and you might be thinking what are the best dirt bike grips for me? Well, the truth is, off-road motorcycle grips are a personal preference. There are grips that favour different types of people, such as riders with big hands are better suited to dual-compound grips or pillow top grips, which have a larger diameter, while riders with smaller hands would be more suited to full diamond grips, which have a smaller diameter. The good thing is that MX grips are relatively affordable, meaning it's a little lighter on the bank account to experiment between grips and settling on one that you love. Once you find a grip you're happy with, you're bound to use that same model for years to come.

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