How Often Should You Change Dirt Bike Oil

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Changing the engine oil and oil filter in your dirt bike is one of the most important aspects of maintaining it, and it can be the difference between extending the life of your engine or significantly shortening it.

Regular oil changes are key to a well-maintained dirt bike that’s going to have increased reliability, while also offering the most in performance. Irregular dirt bike oil changes can lead to a poor performing engine, which as a result can cause further damage to your dirt bike gearbox and motorcycle engine.

We always recommend reading your owner's manual to find out the oil change intervals for your specific model of dirt bike but here are a few suggestions we live by. Oil changes really come down to what type of riding you're doing, how much riding you're doing.


If you’re a serious motocross racer who’s lining up behind the gates most weekends of the season, then a motor oil change after every race meeting is recommended. Changing the oil frequently ensures your bike will maintain reliability and performance, and it also allows you to see if there are any signs of internal engine damage through metal or shavings in the oil when changing it.

This is really important as regular racers are pushing their bikes to limit every weekend, so a good dirt bike maintenance schedule will provide you with the best opportunity to keep your bike reliable and reduce engine wear. There is a lot of time invested just to make it to the line, so taking an extra step in your maintenance just provides a bit of peace of mind when you’re tearing up the track or trails.

Regular Riding:

If you’re not taking your riding and racing as seriously, or you just get out on the bike for fun, the best practice is to change your motorcycle oil and add a new filter approximately every five to ten hours of use. This is a regular enough interval to ensure your engine is being well looked after, while it still makes maintaining your bike relatively affordable. 

A five to ten hour old oil change schedule is what the majority of two-stroke (Gearbox Oil) and 4-stroke engine riders abide by, and it’s what we recommend sticking to. Oil change intervals every five to ten hours provide an even balance between cost and good practice of bike engine maintenance.

Storage/Minimal use:

Another reason to change your oil is if your bike has been sitting fin storage or if you haven't changed the oil for 6 months. We recommend changing your oil minimum every 6 months if you haven't quite reached the five to ten hour mark interval of riding time. If your bike has been in storage for longer than 6 months, it is always a good idea to drain the oil and replace it with some fresh stuff before attempting to start your bike.

Always read your owner's manual to find out more information on service intervals for your specific model. Now let's ride!

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Why should tune factor into when to change the oil

What difference does 6 months of sitting make when deciding when to change the oil? I can see 15 hours of run time but I'll I don't think it's perishable, at least not in 6 months.

Les Ordway on 12 June 2023
It is recommended to change the engine oil at least every 12 months or every 10-15 hours. Each manufacturer is different so we always recommend looking in your owner's manual and over changing it will never hurt the bike!
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