Silkolene is an industry known company producing some of the most talked-about engine oil for dirt bikes all over the world. Fuchs Silkolene offroad range of high-performance motorcycle oils are used by some of the largest factory race teams in the united states and Europe. Silkolene products offer some extreme performance benefits which help keep your gearbox oil consumption to a minimum using their XP technology. Silkolene quote that their motorcycle engine oil provides 11% fuel savings, 18% lower oil consumption than its competitors, and a 3% power increase which enforces MotoGP teams to use their motorcycle lubricants in superbikes as well.

Offering some of the highest quality 2 Stroke premix oil, Fuel additives, brake & clutch fluid, Silkolene pro cool radiator coolant, fork oil, Silkolene Chain lubes, and air filter aerosol spray cans for when you are at the motocross race track, and more! The synthetic ester Silkolene comp gear oil is highly regarded as one of the leading products in the lineup.

These products are suitable for all makes and models of Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. The global market for Silkolene pro 4 engine oil extends further than motorcycle racing, go-karting and automotive applications are also using this extremely well-appraised product range.