Rock Oil are a British manufacturer of high quality oils and lubricants. Since 1928 they have blended and refined various oils and fuels for a wide variety of vehicles, but a defining moment in the history of the brand was the sponsoring of the UK 'Team Green' Kawasaki motocross outfit. This arrangement was the very first motorsport sponsorship for Rock Oil, an approach that has left them with a long record of success across all categories and disciplines of racing. The Rock Oil range has been used within the world championship winning machines of motocross legends Dave Thorpe and Georges Jobe, speedway legends Jason Crump and Tai Woffinden as well as countless British Superbike victories. Highly regarded by international standards, Rock Oil's technical prowess and extensive research has allowed them to develop what is regarded as some of the world's top motorcycle products. Here at MXstore we stock a range of Rock Oil's innovative products - from high quality lubricants to Rock Oil chain lube. The top tier range of Rock Oil engine oils are available in 1 and 4 litre offerings to get you through your next few oil changes. Rock Oil's dedication to continual development work of their offerings ensures that they are constantly bringing new products to the market that live up to Rock Oil's finest state of the art protocols.