Win Pack #15 - Vintage Sponsorship

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Pack 15 WinnerWho doesn't love a bit of vintage motocross vintage steeze? Fasthouse and Bell are two brands that come to mind when you think of vintage steeze, with riders like Darryn Durham, Axell Hodges, and Tyler Bereman representing. And damn they look good while they're at it. That's the basis behind this sponsorship - we want you to look goooooood. Of course, we want you to be safe at the same time, so with some help from Alpinestars and 100%, we've assembled one of the finest arsenals of gear and protection you'll ever lay eyes on. Ladies and gentleman, we give you The Vintage Sponsorship Pack.


Of course, it's not just you who has to look good out on the track - there's also your prized machine, so we've decided to throw some loving its way as well! With some help from our friends at Zeta, Neken, Motoseat, Pirelli, and more, you can add a little bit extra steeze to your dirt bike as well. Whilst probably not for someone who has their heart set on a professional career as a motocross racer, the Vintage Sponsorship has the essentials for one hell of a time, so if you're keen on having some fun on your dirt bike and looking like a true steeze master at the same time, why not have a crack at The Vintage Sponsorship Pack!




Thank you to the following Brands for helping to make this happen:

The Vintage Sponsorship includes a 12 month personal wholesale account, as well as over $4,500 of value in the following:

  • 1x Bell MX-9 Helmet
  • 2x Fasthouse Gear Sets
  • 2x Fasthouse Gloves
  • 1x Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots
  • 1x 100% Barstow Goggles
  • 1x UFO Vintage Plastics Kit
  • 1x Neken Handlebars, Grips & Mounts Pack
  • 1x Motoseat Seat Cover
  • 2x ODI Grips
  • 1x Zeta Lever Set
  • 1x Zeta Bling Kit
  • 1x Pirelli Tyre Set
  • 1x Rock Oil Pack
  • 6x Ballards Oil Filters
  • 1x Ballards Tyre Change
  • 1x Ballards Wheel Spanners
  • 1x Ballards Socks
  • 2x Ballards Grip Donuts
  • 2x MXstore Socks
  • 2x MXstore Jersey Prints
  • 1x MXstore Tie-Downs
  • 1x MXstore Grip Donuts
  • 1x MXstore Graphics Kit