What is Different About a 6D Motocross Helmet

Buying Guides  |  30 May 2016

What is Different About a 6D Motocross Helmet main image

When 6D first introduced its ATR-1 helmet, it marked a significant step forward in motocross helmet technology, paving the way for major advancements across the market.

A modern dirt bike helmet, similar to a modern car, is built with a crumple zone to help absorb impacts during an accident. A helmet's crumple zone is made out of crushable foam called an EPS liner. Although helmet safety has increased over the years, all EPS liners have their limitations and some impacts can still cause harm to a rider if they're severe enough.

The problem is that, just like suspension, if you want to soak up heavy landings you need a harder setting, but then for smaller bumps, the suspension is too hard. An EPS made strong enough to absorb high impacts would also be too hard to absorb some of the smaller ones, so a delicate balance is created to attempt to cater to the most common impacts.

The 6D helmet is created with not one, but two EPS liners of different densities connected by a number of hourglass-shaped rubber dampers, which is called Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS).

The ODS technology acts as an in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system, where it’s designed to reduce energy transfer to the brain over a much broader range of energy demands, from low, mid and high energy impacts.

Built with a dual-liner assembly, it will displace and shear omni-directionally when suffering an impact from a crash.

Basically, it provides significantly improved performance against both linear and angular accelerations - meaning it offers maximum brain protection for impacts from all different angles and speeds.

Although the overall size of a 6D helmet is slightly larger than some other brands, the weight of this is hardly different to any high-end helmet on the market. The outer shell of 6D helmets are made out of the same quality materials such as carbon fiber/kevlar and fibreglass, so you know 6D has gone to every length to create the safest helmet possible.

The 6D comes in a wide size range from adult XS through to 2XL and a full range of kids sizes are also available, and is available in the ATR-2, ATR-1, and ATR-1Y models.

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