6D is a brand that came along and truly revolutionised the helmet game. Ask anyone in motocross, and they'll tell you that the helmet is by far the most important piece of protective equipment. High speeds and high risks, head injuries have been far too common occurences in the sport over the past 50 odd years. As bikes evolve, the speeds get higher, the risks get larger, and the protective equipment must evolve with it. 6D is one brand that truly took that concept on board, and delivered one of the most ground-breaking pieces of protective equipment the industry has ever seen.

Their revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension Technology is the means behind their game changing 6D ATR-1 Helmets. Essentially, the ODS system acts as suspension for your head. Just like suspension on a bike, it works to absorb the force of any impact, making for a smoother ride. The ODS system of the helmet works in the same way, with the inner suspension system managing the kinetic energy created in any impact and reducing the transfer of those forces to the brain. Specifically designed to handle a broad range of impacts, from low, to mid, to high velocity impacts, as well as both linear and angular impacts. No dirt bike crash is ever going to be identical, so the the ability of the helmet to handle such a wide range of impacts makes it one of the safest helmets in the market.

For more information regarding the technology behind the 6D helmet, be sure to check out the product pages on our website, where you'll find a full run down of the industry leading technology on offer in all of 6D's helmets. And remember, they're available in both adults and kids sizes, so you can ensure the whole family is protected by the best helmets in the industry. Here at MXstore, safety is number one on our priority list, and the pride and passion shown by the guys over at 6D as they endeavour to create a helmet offering the best protection possible is something we can definitely get on board with. If safety is your primary concern, don't look past a 6D helmet.