The 6D ATR-2 Helmets have landed, and they're well and truly taking the market by storm. Building upon the success of the ATR-1 Helmet line, the ATR-2 is 6D's next step in the direction of creating the safest dirt bike helmet on the planet. We all know that dirt bike riding can be dangerous, and here at MXstore we are committed to ensuring the continued improvements in safety and protective gear keeps you guys as safe as possible every time you head out riding. Brands like 6D are an asset to the sport, striving to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to protective equipment, and the ATR-2 Helmet is a testament to their dedication. 

Their Omni-Directional Suspension that we first saw in the ATR-1 helmet returns, although it now offers a 30% more displacement travel rate, meaning that the helmet is designed to be able to absorb even more rotational energy forces that its predecessor. Basically, it takes less stress off your brain in the event of an impact to your head, meaning there's less chance of any head injuries occurring. A replaceable inner EPS liner combines well with the outer Multi-Impact EPP liner to offer one of the more formidable lines of defense that we've ever seen in a motocross helmet, effectively creating a helmet within a helmet, again designed specifically to reduce the forces transferred through to your head in the event of a crash. 

6D worked closely with the NFL on their Head Challenge Competition in the development phase of the ATR-2, and a lot of the features you see on offer in the helmet come from the data seen in that competition. The NFL is one of the leading experts in head injury assessment, and it speaks volumes of how committed 6D is to safety and protection that they're developed that working partnership, At the end of the day, we all have the same goal. Develop the very best products we can to ensure our customers have the best head protection possible when they're competing or participating in whatever sport they desire.

Check out the 6D ATR-2 product pages for a more in depth look at the features on offer in the helmets, and keep in mind that all orders on 6D ATR-2 helmets will qualify you for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia. And if you're not sold on the helmets, we highly recommend you check out the video below, where the founder of the 6D brand as well as some of their best riders talk about the development of the helmet and how it stands out from the competition.