Oakley Prizm Goggles MX Lense Technology

Buying Guides  |  16 May 2016

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Oakley Prizm Goggles MX Lense Technology

Why Choose Oakley Prizm Goggles

Oakley has set the benchmark in dirt bike goggles, and their Prizm lens technology takes vision in riding and racing to another level.

Traditional tinted MX goggle lenses reduce glare which increases rider comfort and visibility however that is where the technology ends. Sadly, all wavelengths of light are reduced evenly, so with reduced light, you also have reduced detail and contrast making choosing a rut in a shady corner far more difficult to identify than it should be.

Prizm lenses will increase contrast and detail as the goggle lens will react to a range of colours differently. Some colours will have reduced transmission of light while others will be left as they are. This makes it easier for your brain to pick out distinct colours and distinguish the changing terrain as it goes rushing by. 

How does this help you with your dirt bike riding?

The Prizm MX lens allows you to distinguish wet, dry, dusty and sloppy sections all within one lens. They are outstanding in constantly changing light conditions, such as blasting through the bush or riding at sun up and sun down. They also make it easier to see which line is best when heading towards a jump or the next corner, and off-road riders will see rocks, logs, holes and other track irregularities easier and sooner in all light conditions. 

Which lens do I choose?

There are a range of colours available in the Prizm lens which suit different lighting conditions and track types, and they are available on the Oakley Airbrake and Oakley Front Line models. Each lens is stronger in certain conditions however will work very well in all light conditions.

These lens types include: 
Black Iridium - bright sunny conditions 
Sapphire Iridium - sun and cloudy conditions  
Jade Iridium - sun and cloudy conditions 
Torch Iridium - sun and cloudy conditions 
Bronze Iridium - cloudy and overcast conditions 

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