Oakley Front Line MX goggles are the goggles that the pros prefer. These along with Oakley Airbrakes goggles of course! But the main thing that sets the Front Line apart from the Airbrakes is that Front Line's have a nose guard, something that many riders want in their moto goggles. It's also worth a mention that Front Line goggles (at the time of writing) are offered at a lower price-point. Oakley Front Line goggles are popular due to their ability to fit a variety of faces and different helmets. Ridgleock technology makes changing lenses a breeze with minimum fumbling around and wasting time, and discreet frame notches at the temple regions enable you to wear a range of prescription glasses with your goggle without compromising fit. 

Oakley Front Line goggles also come equipped with a Prizm lens which is a game changer when it comes to competitive race performance. These lenses not only look epic but they vastly improve your ability to read the ground when traveling at high speeds and help you to make split-second decisions that could mean the difference of making it to the podium or not. Not only do the Front Lines enhance performance and make you go fast, but they are also super comfortable! Triple-layer face foam wicks away sweat and moisture like a boss and provides soft cushioning for all-day comfort. Durability is also a key factor here, with its high impact Plutonite molded lens that can pack a serious punch. Oakley goggles are a favourite among many pro riders for more than just their features and reputation for making quality products. Oakley as a brand is one that people can resonate with and respect. It's looked up to as the benchmark of success...if you're sponsored by Oakley, you've made it. 

If you want a super slick pair of moto goggles that look epic, perform like a legend, and are the same goggles that many of the pro's run, then the Front Lines are the goggles for you. Check out the full range today and get your eyes protected with some of the best optics on the market!