Oakley Airbrake goggles revolutionized the goggle market as we know it today. The guys at Oakley, after pouring thousands of hours into research and development absolutely blitzed the industry standards of moto goggles and set a new benchmark for what we consider 'premium'. Airbrake goggles are what sets Oakley apart from the rest, and we don't mean by just a little bit, these guys are miles ahead and have created a gap that is yet to inch in closer. The Oakley Airbrake goggle range is so advanced its literally light years ahead, which is why we see the likes of Eli Tomac, Jeffrey Herlings, Ryan Dungey, and Chad Reed all stepping up onto the podium with, wearing proudly around their neck. 

We here at MXstore had the chance to chat with some of the pro Oakley riders about the Airbrake goggles and hear first hand what makes this goggle so great (see video below). The common theme among this chat was the goggles remarkable vision enhancing capabilities and being able to read the ground and judge things at a higher-speed with more precision. Oakley is a brand they all appreciated and looked up to in their younger days as the brand they wanted to represent if they ever reached pro level. It's always been the brand that has top riders wearing it, with more technology pumped into it than any other goggle. Being the pioneers of MX goggle technology for decades now, Oakley has built up a huge following that will for the most part, never die. 

The Airbrake goggle is equipped with a Prizm MX lens that helps you see even the slightest of dirt transitions so you can be on top of your game with much faster reaction times. Its also provides 100% protection against ambient UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. An expanded lens gives you superhero peripherals so that you can see more and perform better, whilst Oakley Switchlock Technology allows you to change your lens out far quicker than any other lens on the market. Airbrakes are also super popular for the huge range of spares that are available for it, because who wants to spend top dollar on goggles that you can't get parts for! This means if anything goes wrong or you have a crash and somethings busted, you can simply replace the part instead of forking out hundreds for a new pair. Essentially you'll be running your Airbrakes for years!

Although at a higher price-point, these things are worth their weight in gold and you will actually be able to feel the difference it makes to your performance. The Airbrake goggles are a performance product that literally assists and enhances your riding and split-second decision making...something a lot of brands say loosely about their products but isn't always apparent when you wear or use it. Not only do these goggles improve performance and optimize your vision, they also look epic! This is one of our biggest ranges of goggles with a vast array of colours to go with any kind of gear you're running. The Prizm lenses are also aplenty, with shades and tints to suit every riding condition imaginable. We could bang on about these MX goggles for days, but the pro's already do that, even the ones that aren't paid to. Check out the full range today (which is huge by the way) to see how much these goggles have to offer and how much difference they'll make to your riding experience!