The Lawrence Brothers x MXstore in 2021

Proud to Support  |  16 January 2021

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Jett Lawrence Hunter Lawrence MXstore

We are stoked to announce our 2021 partnership with the Lawrence brothers! There's no doubting the both of them are unusually gifted on a dirt bike, but it's their larger than life Aussie personalities that makes us so excited to partner with the boys for 2021, and we're sure all their Aussie fans feel the same. Check out our launch video below and hear from both Hunter and Jett as they discuss their plans for 2021 and what we can all expect from the Lawrence // MXstore program.

We've got some really exciting things lined up with the boys for the 2021 season, with plenty of content, competitions, giveaways, and more coming your way. Given what the boys are doing for the promotion of our sport both here in Australia and around the world, we couldn't be happier to add Hunter and Jett to our MXstore program. They both had plenty of good things to say about the partnership as well, stoked with the opportunity to team up with a company back home in Australia!

"It's really cool to have a direct hotline through MXstore to all of our fans in Australia to be able to go behind the scenes with Hunter and I during the season and at the races. It's great to be able to give back to Australia, and have that strong Australian fanbase that supports us. We've got some really cool prizes up for grabs with MXstore, maybe even a few exclusive signed jerseys, and it just gives us a cool opportunity to make it more exciting for our Aussie fans!" - Jett Lawrence

Lawrence Brothers MXstore 2021

"To be able to have the privilege and opportunity to pick who we want to work with is awesome and to be able to stay close to home and go with MXstore is unreal. Deep down we're still the same Aussie kids that we were growing up through the ranks in Australia, so to be able to work with someone at the highest level in the moto industry is really cool and you can't go wrong when you've got your home country backing you." - Hunter Lawrence

One of the things we love most about the Lawrence brothers is their love for their home country. Passionate Aussie's through and through, it's awesome to see that despite the success they have found thus far in their journeys, they haven't forgotten where they came from. If you aren't familiar with the Lawrence brother's story, read on below for a quick recap of their journeys to the pinnacle of the moto world and what's in store for 2021.

  • Hunter Lawrence MXstore

    Born in Beerwah, QLD, in 1999, Hunter well and truly lead the charge for the Lawrence family as they took on the world of motocross. After a strong career in the junior ranks here in Australia, Hunter and younger brother Jett's prowess lead to the Lawrence family packing up their lives in Australia and moving to Europe when Hunter was only sixteen years old. There was no plan B for the Lawrence family; they sacrificed everything in their pursuit of Hunter and Jett's dreams of making it at the highest level of dirt bike racing, and they weren't going to accept anything less.

    Although injuries disrupted Hunter's MX2 World Championship career in Europe, there were enough flashes of brilliance and speed to know that he was the real deal. Learning from the highs and lows of the journey, Hunter continued to improve and eventually made his way to America with the Geico Honda team for the 2019 season and beyond. What followed over the next two seasons was unfortunately much of the same for the young Aussie star, as injuries took the shine away from the talent he displayed on track, and results fell short of where Hunter was aiming.

    2021, however, is a new year, and the expectations are once again high:

    "I believe every year is a fresh start, but I guess you can say this one is a little more fresh. New team, whole new mindset, we figured a lot of things out internally and it gives me a comforting feeling to know that we have plenty more to give. I feel like this is the year we can really put it all together, we've got every aspect of it covered - unfortunately we still have my stupid brother on the team, but what can you do right?" - Hunter Lawrence

    It's safe to say we're not the only ones looking forward to a huge 2021 season!
  • Jett Lawrence MXstore

    Wherever Hunter went, younger brother Jett, also hailing from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, followed. And while fans and media alike were more than impressed by what they saw from Hunter, there were always persistent whispers that his younger brother was the one to keep an eye on. Some impressive performances in the EMX250 class in Europe at only 14 years of age gave weight to those rumours, and when Jett accompanied Hunter to America to join the Geico Honda team, he lived up to expectations. His pro debut was not too far behind, and the whole world watched on as it became clear that Jett was indeed a superstar in the world of dirt bike racing.

    His 2020 Supercross campaign, while ultimately cut short due to injury, was impressive to say the least. Battling up front for wins and podiums through the first few races of the season, Jett became an instant fan favourite and had people all around the world cheering him on to victory. It looked likely at Anaheim 2, where Jett went head to head with eventual series winner Dylan Ferrandis. It ended with a broken collarbone after a last lap battle, but the stage had been set for a huge future for the young Aussie prodigy. Pro Motocross was much the same (thankfully without the injuries), and Jett finished up the year with his first overall win in the class.

    There's plenty to be excited about with Jett for 2021, with new deals with Red Bull, HRC Honda, Alpinestars and more highlighting what is sure to be a memorable year:

    "I'm feeling really good this year, last race I had we won so I'm feeling really confident heading into this one. I'm always aiming for a championship, I just want to ride my best and ride a lot smarter. There's obviously a lot of hard hitters in my class so there's going to be some great battles and I just can't wait to get this season underway." - Jett Lawrence

2021 not only sees the Lawrence brothers on a new team with Honda HRC, but also with a new major partner in the gear world: Alpinestars. There's no doubting Alpinestars' reputation as one of the powerhouse brands in the global motocross scene, and the addition of two of the most popular young athletes to their roster is a huge move for the brand.

Hunter Lawrence MXstore Alpinestars MX

Decked out head to toe in Alpinestars kit, both Lawrence brothers will be wearing the S-M10 Supertech Helmets, a mix of Supertech and Techstar Racewear, Alpinestars Armour, as well as the famous Tech 10 Boots. The only non-Alpinestars gear in their setup comes from their already established partnership with goggle heavyweights 100%, a previous sponsor from their Geico Honda days. Overall it's one of the cleanest setups in the game, and you can get your own by hitting the links below!

  • Alpinestars MXstore
  • 100% 100 Percent MXstore Goggles

Backing up their own personal setup is of course the CRF250R weapons from HRC. WIthout a doubt some of the most drool-worthy dirt bikes we have ever laid eyes on, the Lawrence machines are the first 250 machines to roll out since Honda took their team back in-house following the departure of the Geico Honda team at the conclusion of 2020. Check them out below and have a browse through the brands that help make these beauties work as well as they do!

  • Jett Lawrence CRF250R 2021
  • Hunter Lawrence CRF250R 2021

With plenty of fun stuff lined up for 2021 and a huge year of racing ahead, there's plenty of reasons to be excited. Make sure you follow along on the boys social accounts listed below to keep up to date with everything that's happening. Images courtesy of Honda HRC, Simon Cudby and Mike Emery.