Alpinestars are one of the leading brands for motocross boots globally. In particular, the Tech 10 Boots as their flagship model accompanies the most advanced technology in their range. These boots are widely spread between the best professional racers in the world for both Motocross and Enduro racing for their incredible impact protection and natural ankle movement. Some familiar names include Jeffrey Herlings, Jason Anderson, Justin Barcia and many more that all rely on Alpinestars tech 10 inner ankle brace system to keep their foot chassis looking good and staying safe during their offroad racing Career.

The Alpinestar Tech 10 Boots holds a lightweight single-piece inner booty acting as a torsion bars ankle control system where the foot shell, heel area, and shin plate will be held tight in open-cell foam in the dual closure system boot frame with the full support of the hinge double pivot system inside the boot frame. This introduces safety at another level and provides extra support dampening in the footbed in order to keep your ankles from twisting the wrong way as well as minimizing the risk of hyperextension, leg rotation or other related injuries. The ergonomics of these boots have been developed and tested by some of the best riders in the game for uncompromising performance, flex control, and abrasion resistance. 

These boots have an incredible feel, flexion control, and impact resistance when on your dirt bike using the shifter and rear brake pedal. An added bonus and safety feature for these new boots are the exceptional surface area and even better grip design to act as a form of shock absorber. As well as having a replaceable dual compound sole unit for when you feel it is necessary to get yourself some need grip on those footpegs. The 3 piece quick-release buckle closure system on the new tech 10 boot keeps you secure while you put them to the paces in your preferred riding environment. Shop online and get yourself some new boots!