MXstore & Ballard's proud to be a partner of the 2018 A4DE

Proud to Support  |  27 February 2018

MXstore & Ballard's proud to be a partner of the 2018 A4DE main image

A4DE 2018 BannerMXstore and Ballard's Off Road are proud to announce we will be partnering with the 40th edition of the Australian Four Day Enduro(A4DE) that will take place at Cessnock NSW on April 3rd to 7th, 2018. This years A4DE is a special one as the event is returning to the town where the very first A4DE was held in 1978. The A4DE was the first enduro over 2 days in length to hit the Australian shores, giving some serious momentum to a sport that at that point, hadn't gained much traction. The A4DE is also the event that really helped Australians Enduro riders to cope and start fully understanding the demands of the extremely tough 6 Day Enduro (ISDE).

The 2018 A4DE has already sold out 3 months ahead of the event date, with a 350-rider cap which was put in place for a reason. According to Malcolm Hall from Cessnock Motorcycle Club who heads up the A4DE organizing committee and whose father, John, was the driving force behind the inaugural A4DE in Cessnock 40 years ago. “We’re focusing on making sure the trails, tests and entire experience is a memorable one for the riders,” said Hall, “and we believe a maximum of 350 riders will help us achieve that objective. 

This year we see the addition of a Vintage class for riders over 45 with a bike that's pre-1986, and also incorporates a class for those who rode the original race back in 1978. Our very own Geoff Ballard, one of the most successful off-road racers from Australia rode his first 4 Day in 1979 and will again be competing in this year's event although as of writing is unsure if he will compete in the vintage class or national class. It will be GB's 30th A4DE event, making him the longest standing competitor in this 4 Day Enduro. He is also one of the worlds most decorated and accomplished 6 Day rider (ISDE-International Six Day Enduro) having competed in 25 events earning 12 Gold medals and 9 Silvers, plus has won 3 USA and 21 Australian titles. So much so that in 2005, he received an Order of Australia for service to off-road motorcycle racing.

Geoff Ballard Maico

*Image: ISDE Vintage Class. France 2017

GB still continues to work in Ballard’s Off Road which was started back in 1989 but today he is based more on the Gold Coast after partnering with MXstore some 2 years ago. He of course still loves his riding but another passion of his is creating and sourcing new product for Offroad bikes and their riders.

Catch GB at this years A4DE alongside his son Josh who has also represented his state in the A4DE and Australia in the 6 Day (ISDE) on a number of occasions.


For more information on the history of the A4DE watch this:


If you're taking part in this years A4DE or a similar event, do you self a favour and check out these handpicked products from Geoff Ballard himself :)

  • COMFORT UNDERSHIRT: Light weight, vented and comfortable to help you get through long days in the saddle.
  • FOREARM ELBOW GUARDS: A unique design that gives you complete freedom from the norm of tight strapping and arm pump! 
  • KEVLAR UNDERGLOVES: Used by Club lever to Pro riders and blister free guarantee!
  • PALM PROTECTORS: Simple and effective in helping prevent blisters.
  • GOGGLE CASE: Great to put a spare pair of goggles and some gloves in for the controls points.
  • GUZZLA HYDRATION PACK: Full harness design for comfort, plus expandable storage spaces and a fast flowing 2L fluid supply via an insulated tube.
  • ANTI MONKEY BUTT POWDER: The name says it all, plus you’ll smell a bit better!
  • LIQUID INTELLIGENCE: If you want to keep from boiling or even overheating this is it. Protection to 190c, not 108-114c like most others.
  • FUEL MIXTURE TAGS: Great for identifying your fuel can plus knowing it’s MIXED or UNMIXED.
  • FOLD UP MULTI TOOL: Light weight for BumBag use and strong and functional.
  • RATCHET PLUG SPANNER: 2 stroke guys fowl plugs more often so be ready for a super quick change.
  • ISDE LEVERS: Used by lots of Pro’s and angled right for efficient mousse changes.
  • ULTIMATE TYRE LEVERS: If you’re using tubes and need to fix a flat or change a tyre these will make light work of it.
  • BUMBAG TOOL PACK: All the pockets and features you’ll need to carry your essentials, plus wide strap for strength and comfort.
  • LOW PRESSURE TYRE GUAGE: Using tubes? Get the pressure right….It’s important! Plus great for your bumbag or Hydration Pack.
  • TYRE CHANGER: A must for mousse and with the double pivot it’s quick. No adjustments needed between your front or rear wheel sizes!
  • MUFFLER PACKING: Get it right for the noise test and save the headache!
  • FILTERSKINS: Helps having to change filters all the time which is never that much fun!
  • AXP BASHPLATES: These guys make a great full protection plate that is light weight and used by many Pro’s world wide.
  • SXP SECURITY SYSTEM: Once your bike is in the Parc Ferme it’ll be safe but there’s times before and at the hotel etc!?!?
  • MUD GRIPS: These compact into nothing and can fit in your bumbag. A great standby if it turns real nasty, they just slide on!
  • BRAKE SNAKE: Stops brush and sticks jamming your brake and helps stop it getting pulled out and bent.
  • PIVOT ASSIST LEVER ASSEMBLY: If you’ve got a cable pull and want about a 40% lighter and less fatiguing pull grab one of these.

More gear that could definitely come in handy!


Good luck and ride safe!