Nothing should be more important than the security of your bike, and when it comes to high quality security, SXP is the way to go. Founded in 1988, SXP Locks specialize in various high quality locks for bicycles and motorcycles. With their advanced CNC facility and strict quality control and inspections, the quality of the product is second to none, ensuring you can trust and rely on SXP for protecting and securing your bike.

If you have multiple bikes it can sometimes be hard finding a cable long enough to secure them all together, with the SXP 10m Armoured Security Cable you get more than enough to get the job done. The cable is 10mm thick steel, wrapped in a vinyl coat to prevent rust and corrosion and making it 100% weatherproof. If the 10m is too long, SXP also offer a 1.5m cable which is perfect for a single bike in the garage or if you’re away camping.

Struggling to find something to loop your security cable or chain through that can’t be cut through in a few seconds? The SXP Drive Over Lug is what you’re looking for. With a 14mm thick super strong alloy shackle connected to a hardened steel bottom plate makes it almost impossible to get through. The bottom plate dyna bolts into concrete, permanently fixing it in place, while the “D” shackle folds down flush so you won’t even notice it’s there!