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Latest MX Releases  |  24 February 2018

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The Dragon MXV Motocross goggle range were an instant hit when they landed in Australia, and while the Dragon NFX2 continues to hold the crown at the top end of the Dragon MX goggle lines, the MXV ranges offer several price point options that represent true value-for-money in a set of MX goggles. The class-leading MXV MAX comes in under the $100 mark, while the MXV Plus and MXV ranges pack a serious punch in the lower price points. 

Dragon MXV MAX goggle:
The MXV Max has been designed to enhance peripheral vision, enable superior ventilation, reduce sweat, and facilitate an unrivalled fit. Dragon's trademark Super Anti-Fog coating is twice as effective, the flatter base curvature of the lens increases horizontal periphery, and a slimmer frame reduces bulk while increasing peripheral sight. 

Dragon MXV Plus goggle:
The MXV Plus offers the comfort, quality and features you expect from Dragon. Just like the MXV Max, the MXV Plus is designed for greater peripheral vision, while it also employs one integrated outrigger, allowing for secure attachment of tear-off stacks. Chock full of features, the MXV Plus is geared to help you achieve your best without slowing you down.

Dragon MXV goggle:
The new MXV goggle has been designed from the ground up to deliver comfort and quality at an exceptional price. The goggle offers excellent ventilation and vision, making it a great goggle whether you're hitting the track or trail. 

Dragon Lumalens technology:
Originally developed in their snow goggle lines, the Lumalens technology has now made its way into the motocross ranges. Lumalens is Dragon's very own lens optimisation and colour filtering technology, and after we hit the track with a set of these wrapped around the helmet, we can personally vouch for just how damn good this technology is!

It works by tuning lens tints to enhance light as it hits the goggle lens, which works to increase clarity and reduce eye fatigue. When it comes to picking the right line through a corner or dodging debris out on the trails, Lumalens is your new best friend. Check it out in the all-new MXV range today!

Here at MXstore, we stock the complete range of MXV goggles, as well as the entire range of available accessories. Replacement lenses include Ion Lumalens®, coloured Lumalens® as well as a clear option. Tear offs and roll off kits are also available, so no matter what kind of riding you're into, we've got you covered! Get your hands on some of the freshest goggle designs in the industry for a steal, and you'll ride away confident, knowing you're protected by a brand that care.

Dragon Moto Lumalens Technology

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