Dragon MXV Goggles are the newest addition to the MX Dragon Goggle lines. Available in 3 different price point options, the Dragon MXV line targets the every day rider who doesn't want to splash out hundreds of dollars on a new set of goggles, yet still demands function and performance. Extremely good value for money, the MXV goggle range brings in some new innovations and design features that no other brand has yet explored in a set of motocross goggles. Already well known for their premium quality products, Dragon has truly delivered with their latest range of offroad goggles.

The Dragon MXV MAX Goggles are at the top end of the MXV price range, yet their performance more than justifies their cost. A slimline frame and enlarged peripheral vision are some of the key components that make the MXV MAX Jason Anderson's goggle of choice, and the dual outriggers offer some serious goggle-to-helmet fit and are perfect for tear off use. With a broad range of colours and designs available in the MXV MAX line, we have no doubt there will be a set that's perfect for you. And with most of the MXV MAX line coming stock standard with Dragon's all new Lumalens® technology, you can hit the track or trails knowing that you've got one of the best value for money sets of goggles wrapped around your helmet and ride with confidence.

The next step of the MXV podium is reserved for the Dragon MXV Plus Goggles. Somewhat of a hybrid between the MXV MAX and the value range MXV goggles, the MXV PLUS features a cutting edge single outrigger design, offering amazing tear off compatibility and performance. Inheriting a lot of the premium features seen in the MXV MAX goggle, the PLUS also features a slimline frame, enlarged peripherals, and feature an extremely lightweight and comfortable fit that is suitable to pretty much every motocross helmet ever designed. Lumalens® technology​ is also featured throughout most of the MXV PLUS range, making them an extremely enticing option for a price point that won't break the bank.

And for the racers out there, be sure to check out the Dragon MXV RRS Goggles range, which come equipped and race-ready with Dragon RRS Rapid Roll-off System!