MXstore MotoMinute with John Prutti

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  4 February 2021

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Introducing the MXstore MotoMinute with John Prutti! We're stoked to continue our partnership with John in 2021, and will be bringing you monthly MotoMinute tutorials and guides from the man himself. From riding techniques to gear reviews, racing advice, bike setup pointers and more, you'll have plenty to keep up with in 2021 with the MotoMinute! Be sure to keep up to date via John Prutti Instagram so you can see what we're getting up to throughout the year.

MotoMinute: Balancing Techniques

Balance is one of the most underrated techniques to work on when it comes to riding and racing your dirt bike. Prutti takes us through a number of drills and techniques to work on to improve and perfect your balance for your next ride out!

MotoMinute: Nailing Those Race Starts

Perhaps the most crucial element of any race is the start. Prutti runs us through the correct body position and technique to get them dialled! If you're looking to practice on your own, be sure to grab yourself a Risk Racing Holeshot Start Gate.

MotoMinute: The Gaerne SG-12 Boot Review

One of the most popular high end motocross boots on the market, the SG-12 is loaded with features to keep you safe and secure, even at the highest level of riding. Hear Prutti's thoughts on the SG-12 and why he chooses them!

MotoMinute: Setting Up Your Dirt Bike Cockpit

The correct setup when it comes to handlebars, levers and grips can make or break your ride. Prutti runs us through his own personal preferences and some of the common mistakes people make.

MotoMinute: How to Nose Wheelie onto your Stand

One of the more advanced party tricks on your bike, this one is great for getting comfortable with your front brake. Be patient with it; this one is tricky!

MotoMinute: How to Load your Dirt Bike

Loading your bike can be a daunting task if you're not familiar with the process. Find out how to make it a simple task!

MotoMinute: How to Bunnyhop Your Dirt Bike

Bunnyhopping your bike is a useful skill in all disciplines of riding, whether you're out on the trails or cutting laps at the local motocross park. 

MotoMinute: How to Wheelie a 110

Get the rundown on pulling off a successful wheelie on everyone's favourite playbike: the 110!

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