Gaerne SG12 Boots are some of the very best motocross boots that you'll ever slip on your feet. And when we say slip on, we really mean it; these things are so comfortable and easy to wear that they don't feel all too dissimilar to your favourite gym shoes! Okay, maybe a bit different, but you get the gist of it - these things are the real deal when it comes to comfort. And that's not even the best thing about them! One thing stands out from the rest when it comes to determining the value in a set of MX boots, and that's safety. Safety will always be number one priority for us here at MXstore, and the Gaerne SG12 Boots are certainly one of a few that we will hedge our bets on when it comes to determining the safest boot in dirt bike riding.

The fastest man on the planet was equipped with the SG12 boots when he conquered the worlds of Motocross and Supercross, and if they're good enough for James Stewart, you know these things pack a punch when it comes to pure performance (JS7 was more than familiar with both riding, and hitting the deck, at top speed). The Dual Stage Pivot System is but one feature that stands out on the SG12, allowing the rider to feel comfortable throughout the full range of movement in the boot, and ensuring the boot remains rigid and strong when it needs to. You'll want to check out the SG12 product pages themselves for a full list of the groundbreaking features on offer, but believe us when we tell you, these boots are the real deal.

Shop Gaerne SG12 Boots at MXstore and you'll be receiving your fresh boots via completely free shipping to anywhere in Australia! Enjoy browsing our range of SG12 Boots, and as always guys, Ride Safe.