How to Start Racing Motocross

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Racing motocross is one of the most enjoyable and accessible motorsports, and in Australia, it's actually a pretty straightforward process in getting your licence and lining up behind the gates. 

We cover the ins and outs of getting licences and going racing in this guide, including everything else you'll need to consider.

The minimum age to obtain a national competition licence in Australia is seven years of age. The junior ranks consist of ages seven through to 16, while seniors is for riders ages 16 and older. 

Choosing a bike: 
Choosing which motocross bike to use ultimately comes down to your age and size, especially as a junior racer. Your bike will also need to be homologated by Motorcycling Australia, so any of the major brands, such as KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Yamaha and more are accepted, however, Chinese pit bikes are not. 

We've compiled a list of age categories for each size of dirt bike below.

4-7 years of ages - 50cc
7-11 years of ages - 65cc
9-12 years of age - 85cc small wheel
12-15 years of age - 85cc big wheel
12 years plus - 125cc/250cc four-stroke

16 years plus - 125cc/250cc two-stroke, 250cc/450cc four-stroke

Equipping yourself with the right gear:
Any time you step on a dirt bike, you should be wearing the correct protective equipment. If you're racing motocross, there are a number of items that are mandatory. 

When it comes to buying gear for motocross racing, we always recommend investing most of your budget in a helmet and boots, while directing the remainder of your budget to riding and protective gear. You can learn more in gear guide here: The Ultimate Guide to Motocross Gear

Mandatory motocross gear:

Getting licenced: 
Getting a Motorcycling Australia licence is a simple process, but there different steps for juniors and seniors. 
Regardless if you're a junior or senior rider, you'll need a National Competition Licence - this is the licence that allows you to race in any type of Motorcycling Australia affiliated event. You can start the signing up process online via Motorcycling Australia's Ridernet platform.

National Competition Licence process (Junior): 
Step 1: Contact your State Controlling Body (Motorcycling Victoria, Motorcycling Queensland, Motorcycling WA etc.)

Step 2: Join a Motorcycling Australia affiliated motocross club

Step 3: Join the Kickstart program, complete 5 hours of coaching by an accredited coach. Must pass a riding test.

Step 3: Complete and pass theory test. 

Step 4: Submit Kick Start paperwork and appropriate documentation to your SCB.

Step 5: Get your licence and go racing! 

It's worth noting that each time a junior rider steps up the next size bike (eg. 65cc to 85cc), the rider will need to complete 5 hours of coaching on that bike and be signed off as competent by an accredited riding coach. 

National Competition Licence process (Senior):
Step 1: Contact your State Controlling Body (Motorcycling Victoria, Motorcycling Queensland, Motorcycling WA etc.)

Step 2: Join a Motorcycling Australia affiliated motocross club

Step 3: Complete and pass rider competency test and theory test (if you have a road bike licence, you won't need to undertake the rider competency test)

Step 4: Submit appropriate documentation to your SCB.

Step 5: Get your licence and go racing!

Going racing:
There are many different types of motocross races in Australia, ranging from club events, state rounds and national competitions. 

Your National Competition Licence will allow you to race in all three, but always keep in mind your ability before throwing yourself into a serious race meeting.

We recommended getting some club days under your belt, especially in your first races, as there are often less riders at these events and they are fairly low-key race days. From there, you can progress to open and state round events. Refer to your State Controlling Body for upcoming events in your state.

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Any requirements for age of the bike itself?

Gday fellas, just wondering if there's any restrictions on how recent bikes have to be to be used in race events like would we have to use that year's model or relatively new? or is any year model fine? Thinking of starting out and bringing my 2005 Kawasaki KX450F

Jacob on 29 March 2024
Hey Legend, There would be no issue with competing in a 450cc 4 stroke class on a 2005 KX450F. You just wont be able to compete in any VMX competitions! All the Best - Happy Racing :D
MXstore Response

Very helpful info

This information helped me a lot thanks

5 March 2024
We're stoked to hear this has helped! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service legends at :)
MXstore Response

can you race a crf 125 in qld

hi i am a 13 yr old boy and i want to get into racing can you race a crf 125 in qld

oliver costello on 11 February 2024
Congrats on taking the first step into racing! There should be some classes local to you where you can enter, it is best to get in contact with your local club or trainer and they can point you in the right direction :) Good luck mate!
MXstore Response

motocross licence

Hi, I am a 10 yr old boy that would like to start racing but I am just wondering how to get a motocross licence.

Henry jones on 28 January 2024
Hey super exciting to hear you're getting into racing! Race licenses are purchased online via Motorcycling Australia, you can visit their site here We would recommend speaking to your local club about any other requirements you may need to start racing and they can also assist with any coaching if you are interested
MXstore Response


hey there, I am 15 about to 16 therefore I would be a senior racer. I am currently riding a 2017 and a 2015 CRF450R I haven't raced before and according to motorcycling VIC, you have to complete a competency test. I haven't raced before nor have a number to race with. I am just wondering how it all works would it potentially be a case of just practicing a lot or is there another way?

Nicholas Siddall on 16 September 2023
Hey mate, epic to hear you are keen to get into some races! Lots of practise and some coaching is always beneficial, for more information regarding the specifics of getting a race license in VIC it is best to reach out to your local club and check out :)
MXstore Response

YCF 50

Hi, i am wanting to start my son in motorbike riding / racing. He is 6, are ycf50 suitable for the kids to start out with at the track?

Ben on 13 September 2023
Hey that's a good question! The YCF50's are a great beginners bike on par with other 50cc models, the YCF brand is newer to the market but do have spare parts and custom parts available direct through the distributor also :)
MXstore Response

MX Number

Hi, Can you please explain how the MX numbers work in NSW?

Debra on 6 September 2023
Hey there, check out this link to find some more information regarding MX numbers!
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Do you know information on getting my four-year-ol

Do you know information on getting my four-year-old into racing and a phone number please

Wayne on 29 November 2022
We would recommend reaching out to your local track and they will be able to point you in the right direction with licenses, trainers and tracks etc!
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I would really love to start racing on a track or be trained if you could do something about it I would be appreciated about your help

Harry on 23 November 2022
Awesome to hear you want to get into racing! We would recommend reaching out to your local club who can put you in touch with a local trainer in your area!
MXstore Response

8yr old girl

Hi Just wondering if my daughter 8yr old would have to ride in the 65cc class ? She is starting out riding and is on a 50cc Thank you

Damien Watts on 26 October 2022
Hey Damien, awesome to hear your daughter is starting to ride! She will be able to stay in the 50cc class until she is 9 and then she will be moved up into the 65cc class, where we recommend she moves on to a 65cc bike to ensure she is safe on the track!
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Hey guys. I’m 19 riding a 450 Yamaha Don’t know much about mx bout wanna start training. If anyone knows a good coach for mx That would be helpful

Ethan on 22 October 2022
That is awesome to hear! We recommend reaching out to your local track to get you in touch with some coaches in your area!
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I Wonna join motor bike racing

I’m 12 and a girl on a 85, would I still race with boys or with girls, I started riding when I was 8 so 4 years. Just curious thank you.

Kara on 26 September 2022
Hey Kara, awesome to hear that you are wanting to get into racing! You will be able to choose if you would like to race with the boys or the girls, generally it is a mixed class but it will depend on what races you are doing at what events!
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Hello there. I’m 14 and on a 250. I started riding when I was 10 (4 years) I don’t have a father or anyone for a coach but I am fairly good. I still don’t think I am as good as most people I would be racing with. So is there different classes for different skilled riders. Thank you very much

Henry on 8 September 2022
Hey legend, awesome to hear you want to get into racing! You would be in the Junior Lites Class where sometimes all of you around your age will be in this class due to numbers and how long the race day is etc. We recommend checking in with your club, good luck!
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I wamna join motor bike racing

I'm 23 year old I live MY drit bikes don't got one atm but would love to start racing

Corrina on 16 November 2021
We all start somewhere, once you get a bike then the hard work starts
MXstore Response

Good info

Amazing info and really helped me getting started thank you so much Mx store staff

Jack Dellas on 12 August 2021

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