The Ultimate Guide to Motocross Gear

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Picking and choosing your motocross riding gear is probably the most exciting thing you can do off the bike - there are so many colours, designs and brands, and there's nothing like opening a fresh set of gear and ripping some motos. 

What motocross gear do I need? 
The first pieces of gear you'll need are a jersey, pants and gloves. You'll also need to equip yourself with the appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet, boots, goggles, body armour, knee pads or knee braces. You can read our ultimate guide to dirt bike protective gear here: The Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Protective Gear

What do I need to know about gear sizing?
Motocross gear sizing usually runs true to your sizing in casual wear - if you wear a large tee, you'll most likely be a size large jersey, if you wear size 32 jeans, you'll most likely be a size 32 in pants. Motocross pants generally come with quite a bit of adjustment - some more than others - so there is a bit of give on either side of the size.

What should I wear under my dirt bike gear?
It's always best to wear long socks if you're wearing knee guards, and if you're wearing knee braces, we highly-recommend wearing knee brace socks (which go above the knees), or wearing long socks with compression pants/tights. This will prevent any skin irritation from the fabric and velcro on your knee braces

During the winter months, some riders will opt to wear a compression top under their jersey, which comes in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless options. There are also summer offerings in compression tops, and riders will sometimes use these if they're wearing a chest protector under their jersey. It really comes down to personal preference.

How do I put my gear on? 
Putting your racewear on is a super simple process. First things first, you'll want to put your compression pants or tights on, followed by your socks. 

We usually put our knee guards or knee braces after this, and then pull up our pants. 

Now it's time to slide your feet into your boots, and secure them in there by doing up the buckles. 

If we're wearing a chest protector under our jersey, or even a kidney belt, this is when we'll put it on before pulling over our jersey. It's up you if you want to tuck your jersey in, but we recommended you do.

How do I clean it? 
The good thing about motocross gear is that you can just throw it in the washing machine. Ensure you wash your gear as soon as possible after riding - don't leave it dirty in your gear bag for a week. We always advise washing the gear as its own load on gentle mode, and always turn your gear inside out. 

Do not use oxygenated detergents such as Napisan, stain remover, spot clean, bleech or soaking agents - washing gear using any of the methods mentioned in the first point may cause the colour to run or the leather panels to disintegrate. 
If your gear is super dirty or muddy, then we recommend hosing off the gear and scrubbing out any stains with a soft brush or mild soap before putting it in your washing machine. Never use a pressure washer, as this can cause damage to your gear set.

It's now time to dry your gear, and you can simply do this by hanging it on your clothesline - do not put your dirt bike gear in the dryer!

How do I know if a dirt bike helmet fits me right? 
It's incredibly important to ensure you have a correctly fitted full face motocross helmet, as an incorrectly fitted helmet won't provide the protection it's designed for.

A helmet that's too loose will mean your head can move around inside the helmet - which could cause further injury - while a helmet that's too tight will cause major discomfort and can also promote headaches. 

A proper fitting helmet is not too tight and not too loose - it's just right! As a general rule, if you can fit your fingers down the side of helmet alongside your cheeks, then you'll need a smaller helmet. 

All helmet manufacturers will offer a size guide with the appropriate measurements, which you can measure yourself at home. The best practice is to try the helmet on first where possible.

How do I choose the right size motocross boots?
Just like a motocross helmet, it's super important to have correctly fitted boots for dirt bike riding. Boots need to be a nice firm fit, without any movement inside of the boot. A boot that is loose, or where your feet can freely move around inside, is too big and won't be able to protect as it's designed to. 

A boot that is too small will be difficult to get your feet in, but it will also be highly uncomfortable and can lead to aches and blisters on your feet. 

The same 'thumb' rule that you use for casual shoes also applies for motocross boots, however, you need to keep in mind that boots are a nice snug fit - if not, they're not the right boots for your feet, and it can just be a case of trying a different brand or model.

Is there kids dirt bike gear?
Absolutely! Almost all brands offer kids and youth motocross gear, including jersey, pants, gloves, helmets, boots and all the necessary off-road protective gear.   

What are the most popular motocross gear brands?
There so many popular and quality brands in motocross, which is why choosing a new MX gear set is so exciting. Some of the best gear brands include Fox, Thor, Shift, Oneal, Alpinestars, Answer, Troy Lee Designs, Fasthouse, and Fly Racing, just to name a few. You're bound to find a gear set that suits your taste and budget with so many options available.

How do I carry this gear to the track?
Riding motocross or enduro obviously requires you to carry a lot of gear to the track or trail, and that's why a lot of brands make dirt bike-specific gear bags that are designed to hold everything from your riding gear through to boots and helmet. They're also made to be robust for the constant travel they'll go through, as well as being tough enough to handle the elements of a race track.

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