Gold Coast Cup 2021

Proud to Support  |  3 August 2021

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It all started with a bit of banter from Corey Creed…

Knowing the potential of his local club Gold Coast MC, and with a goal to get riders back on their bikes Corey kicked off with some friendly fire on social media to rile the boys up to jump on the bandwagon. Next minute, 2-strokes are hot property with everyone getting ready for the 125 Cup.

MXstore was keen to get behind such an epic event and had heard enough of all the banter and called all the 125 riders out to the Gold Coast MC for the 24th July, and with the sweet smell of premix, we made it a bit sweeter with $1,000 up for grabs. The team was frothing to get involved, the riders were pumped to go back to their roots on the 125’s and the MXstore Gold Coast 125 Cup event was locked and loaded.

With the riders going back to their roots we wanted the spectators to feel the same and wanted to bring back that old club day vibe. With some old 125’s we knew they would need some mechanical support, especially Rhonda… So the Wreckers to Checkers star Dyl was on the tools.

Entertainment was all time, from Dan Reardon's "vintage" Honda "Rhonda" breaking halfway through a moto, to the trials and tribulations of Andrew Reardon's Yamaha which we affectionately called the Cranka Cat after it coming to life again and again, to the RedBull wagon bringing the tunes the vibes were an all time high.

After a big day of mechanical mayhem (and arm pump) the Ryno Power, Red Bull and Young Henry’s were well loved and kept everyone well hydrated. Never ones to shy away from a sausage sizzle, the GCMC crew kept the crowd fed with a free sausage sizzle on us.

There were prizes... but not just for the fastest

With $1000 MXstore dollars up for grabs across the 125 Cup, we thought it was only fair and reasonable that the fun was shared amongst the riders. Due to stacked fields and running out of time, the winner was selected from 1 main moto.

Here's our grinning winners and their prizes.

  • 1st overall Jayce Cosford (scored a Ballard's tool bag and the GC "Cup")
  • 1st Loser- Jay Wilson (scored a $150 voucher)
  • 3rd Joel Rizzo (scored a Ballard's tool bag)
  • 4th Dee WIlson (scored a $250 voucher)
  • 6th Robbie Marshall (scored a $200 voucher)
  • 8th Ryan Maher (scored a $150 voucher)
  • 16th Ricky Loni (scored a $150 voucher)
  • 22nd Akira Yamada (scored a Castrol Voucher & a slab of Young Henry's beers)

A massive thanks to all those who got behind the event to make it an epic turn out - Corey Creed, Gold Coast Motocross Club, Red Bull, Young Henry's, Ryno Power & Ballard's, in the end we managed to fill the 125 gates with 23 riders, and had a tonne of fun while doing it.

Bikes were wide open, and so were the grins....

That's what it's all about for us!

Until next time.....

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flat tyre

did any one have a flat tyre

ben on 2 August 2021
Hi Ben, Thanks for reaching out! I have spoken to one of our legends who attended the Gold Coast Cup and to their knowledge, nobody ended up with a flat tyre. :) We hope this helps legend! Cheers, MXstore
MXstore Response

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