Inside The Nationals | Feature Film | Released!

MX Nationals  |  26 June 2017

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Inside The Nationals | Feature Film | Released!


To those on the outside looking in, the Motul MX Nationals is Australia’s premier Motocross Championship, a ten round series that travels across this vast country of ours to crown Australia’s best riders. But to those on the inside it’s so much more than that, it’s a life choice, a commitment and a burning ambition to be the best at what they love doing. 

When Michael Jordan once said: “Champions don’t become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years that they spend preparing for it”, he could not have been closer to the truth. So to witness this first hand, over the past four months we were privileged to gain access into the homes, gyms and training grounds of riders at the pinnacle of Motocross here in Australia. 

We travelled over 20,000+ kilometres and devoted over 600 hours of filming to share their story. Not only do these riders represent our sport, but their hard work and dogged determination is what resonates with every rider who commits to follow their dream. When these athletes turn up to the Motul MX Nationals in pursuit of a championship, the consequences for coming up short are daunting, but in most circumstances the addiction and opportunity for glory far outweighs the risk. 

Truth be told, there is simply no guaranteed formula for winning, and more riders will fail than those who succeed. But where passion and dedication exist, there’s no stopping man’s everlasting desire to win. 

Inside the Nationals illustrates how this championship will be earned through thousands of hours in the gym, on the track and in the mind of one racer who leaves nothing on the table.


Featuring and special thanks to:

  • Dean Ferris
  • Kirk Gibbs
  • Todd Waters
  • Luke Clout
  • Kyle Peters
  • Kade Mosig
  • Luke Styke
  • Nathan Crawford