Whoops, Waves and Rollers

Riding Tips  |  25 October 2021

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The correct way to hit whoops:

Whoops otherwise known as waves, or rollers depending on who you talk to can make or break your day. When hitting whoops correctly it can be like watching poetry in motion. When riders hit them the wrong way, it usually results in a high side crash. In this blog, we have MXstore team member Mike Sleeter giving you a breakdown on the proper way to hit whoops.



When attacking a set of whoops, it all starts with the entry and your body positioning. The old school way was “hey there Billy just clutch it, hold it wide and lean back” that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The overall execution starts with the fundamentals and that is having your body positioning correct. Before hitting the first whoop/roller you need to make sure you are on the balls of your feet, knees tight against the bike, with your head just over the bars and elbows up. You will manage all the work with your core and leg strength.


The next aspect to this is being steady on the throttle and not chopping it off when entering the whoops. A smooth throttle control will allow you to have the balance of your bike correct which will help with wheel spin and traction. To practice, DO NOT enter the whoops/rollers with a bunch of speed the first few times because most riders tend to back off the throttle which pushes the front end down and the back of the bike up. From that point, you will not be able to skim across the whoops anymore and will be in for the ride. Instead, put the bike in 3rd gear and slowly accelerate using smooth throttle control, once you master the entry and body position everything will fall into place to go faster.



Remember if your body is in the correct attack position, on the balls of your feet with your legs tightly against the bike and your head slightly over the bike you have put yourself in the best position to execute all types of whoops. Remember like all other MXstore riding tips, practice slowly in a safe location before doing it at race pace. Keep safe and Ride More!

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Great tip

Thank you for the info

Stuart on 28 March 2022
No worries at all mate!
MXstore Response


Thanx guys will put ya advice to practice and fingers

Rowlands Jason on 24 March 2022
Good luck legend, you've got this!
MXstore Response

Handy tips for whoops

Thank you I'm new to MX racing and I always slow down and roll my whoops now I'm keen to hit it faster in 3rd but keep body position and throttle smooth.

Susie Neal on 14 March 2022
Yes! That is awesome, you;ll be smashing the whoops in no time!
MXstore Response


I will try my best at riding the woop's thanks a lot MXSTORE.

Isaac on 18 January 2022

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