FOX 2015 Comp 8 Motocross Boot Review

Reviews  |  11 September 2014

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A common complaint with high end boots is their substantial weight. Although a heavy set of boots is not ideal, generally the weight comes from the extra strength and support particularly around the ankles.

The number 1 priority of a premium motocross boot is to protect a rider's lower leg and ankles from lateral injuries. Heavy landings, impacts with obstacles and other competitors are all bad news for your ankles and a premium boot is designed to keep you safe while allowing you to use your foot controls comfortably so you can still ride fast!

Fox Racing have developed the Comp 8 boot to feel light and comfortable while maintaining the structural integrity and support of its bigger brother, the Fox Instinct.

Although the Comp 8 does not feature the hinged system of the Instinct, there is minimal break in period and a lightweight 2 to 1 strap system dropping the ammount of buckles to three. Combine this with the added comfort factor of having zero ankle bulging rider's have superior interface and grip with the frame and pegs.

Just like the Instinct, the Comp 8 outsole is constructed of Fox’s own Duratac for superior grip and durability while a steel midsole shank adds to the support of your foot.

On top of putting the dollars into development of the Comp 8, the design team at Fox have created not one, but four colour options to bring some variety to the range including orange/black and red/white!

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