360 Fly Camera Product Review

Reviews  |  7 January 2016

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As if the world of POV action cameras hadn’t developed and improved enough this decade. The 360 Fly Camera is technologically ground breaking and almost unbelievable in its capabilities to capture and record everything around it from all angles simultaneously all from one small unit no larger than a passionfruit.

When you play back videos on the 360 Fly camera you can easily control what you are looking at by touching and dragging the image across the screen. On traditional cameras once the action passed the view finder it was out of shot and the moment was missed. But now virtually anything happening around the 360 Fly camera is captured not only saving more moments, but enabling far greater interaction with video edits.

The footage from a 360 Fly camera is very raw and gives a real feeling of being there as it happened. All videos can be re-watched and viewed from an infinite amount of angles making the videos you capture carry so much more content from just one tiny camera!

The 360 Fly is easy to use and a complete range of camera accessories are available now, putting it right up there with the most popular POV action cameras on the market!

Chad Reed 360 Fly

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