MXstore Learn to Ride Day

Proud to Support  |  10 August 2021

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MXstore Learn to Ride Day

One of the best experiences is getting on a bike for the first time and learning to ride. At MXstore we wanted to give this opportunity to our epic crew. What better way to get them amped up then to purchase two Honda CRF110’s and get them decked out for the crew.  With a renewed focus on what Ride More really means, we thought it would be a great to start out with our own team to celebrate the arrivals of the 110's with a Learn to Ride day for members of the team who are new to riding. Let the fun begin!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with LR110 elite coaching run by the man himself, Luke Reardon.  Luke Reardon specialises in training elite athletes to progress in their sport to their best potential. With his extensive knowledge he is able to walk through each selected rider individually and teach them depending on their skill set and/or learning abilities.   At a young age Luke began riding motorbikes and still to this day loves to ride! Beginning his professional motocross racing at the age of 17 through out Australia and the United States of America. Luke discovered his true passion in coaching with up and coming riders as he felt he could offer knowledge that wasn't given to him growing up.  Luke's passion aligns with MXstore's to help riders to ride more and safely.

How did we select the lucky riders?

We have everyone in the business come together to let us know who is wanting to ride and experience the unbelievable feeling of being behind a set of bars of a Honda CRF110 although lacking in power, still the perfect machine to teach the basics of riding. So we asked the question who wants to start learning how to ride, we literally put all the names in a hat and chose the groups of 3 or 4 per session.

What happens, how were the riders feeling?

We kick off the day at 8am at Pimpama track with Luke Reardon from LR110 Elite Motocross Training, MXstore event squad and the 3-4 MXstore crew selected for the day. As they hear the bikes warming up in the morning, their nerves start to increase, waiting to throw a leg over a bike for the first time. 

How did everyone go and what did they learn?

They start with the basics of learning the fundamentals of a dirt bike - how to start the bike, the throttle, the brakes and explaining about the gears of a bike. We then get into the riding and the smiles don't stop from each rider. You can really see the joy it brings Luke and the MXstore team seeing our Ride More concept come to life.

A few funny stories from the coaches would follow with watching the MXstore crew get on a bike and step out of their comfort zones from what usually would be a normal working day in the office. Their confidence was tested showing you cannot be overly confident on what may usually be conceived as a kids bike! 

What we hope to achieve with this and how often we will be doing it?

Our team at MXstore wants to empower our Team Members to be involved each step of the way when it comes to our mission to Ride More. How do we do this? We teach our team the basics on how to ride safely and enjoy the sport our customers love so much. Throughout the year we will continue support our MXstore team members  with monthly say trips utilizing our highly trained coaching network.

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