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Proud to Support  |  14 October 2021

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Racing can divide a community of riders in multiple ways. As we get older or less committed it’s not fun to line up behind a gate if you are not prepared with an ample amount of training, or your bike isn’t the latest and greatest technology. The Dust Hustle crew has provided a platform that gives a variety of riders to showcase their personality and talent all in one event without having the pressure to be the best or the first person crossing the finish line.

What is different about Dust Hustle?

For the 2021 Dust Hustle 11, there were only 140 lucky riders who waited for sign-on to open for their spot at an event that sells out in minutes to showcase what riding might mean to them. The Mick Doohan Raceway flat track in North Brisbane laid the framework for a world-class TT-style track. With Big Bore bikes hitting upwards of 80kph on the back straight and little bikes that might need an extra push, made for a great venue on the day. One of the unique and great things about Dust Hustle is that there is no attitude or agenda other than to have fun. When you arrive and see the smiles, outfits and some of the bikes people will be riding, you honestly have to see it to believe it. From 2022 electric 50’s to Harley twins and everything else in between it keeps you wanting more. 

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As you have read this event is different, so different in the fact that sessions are more of an expression session than a race. Each group of like-minded bikes lines up on the line to go out for a 15 min session where you can wow the crowd with what you feel represents your inner Dust Hustle. Towards the end of your session, you either have arm pump, or a near high side because the bike you are on doesn’t belong on a flat track. You then get the checkers and the next group heads out to try and outdo what you've just done and be that much cooler than you were. 

Dust Hustle™ is just about good times for people who like to party on whatever rig they ride. It’s a legendary crew of dirt flirt enthusiasts, some radical riding gear & Australia’s biggest ‘inappropriate’ ride days.

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Dust Hustle 125 Cup

In this year’s Dust Hustle, they broke their own rules by not having scored racing with a special invitation to our MXstore 125 cup crew. This group of riders are much different from the laid-back free spirit crew that Dust Hustle is known to have (To be honest, this crew is who they typically don’t want to come). A core motocross race that can be ultra-competitive, aggresive and borderline arrogant, but the 125-crew made up of former champions, X-games gold medallist, industry leaders and the next big names is anything but that. They have put their pride aside to race 4 of Queensland’s fastest flat trackers on 125 two strokes.

Leading up to the race the banter was at an all-time high, and we'd say the MXstore motocross riders thought they had a chance to beat the flat trackers. After the first moto, it was clear Cyshan Weale and Jarred Brooks had other plans. The MXstore 125 riders were working hard but the very balanced motocross/supercross style was no match for Jarred Brooks and Cyshan Weale as they went 1-2 for 3 straight motos. Mike Sleeter and Dan Reardon battled it out each lap where Sleeter would end up 3rd overall on his GasGas Dan Reardon 4th on what he calls Rhonda (a 2005 updated Honda) and MXstore athlete coordinator Blake Cobbin would be 5th overall. Corey Creed pulled some epic starts but his ambition was more than his fitness and he faded each moto to finish outside the top 5. 

DH winners

Inappropriate Dirt Crew

We can’t thank the Dust Hustle crew for allowing us to be a bigger part of this year’s event. The added 125 Cup race was a hit, and we commend all the riders who came out and showcase what Dust Hustle means to them. With limited spots for each event, we recommend that you get online early for the next one because it’s more than just another day at the track.

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