Robbie Maddison Book Signing at MXstore

Motocross News  |  13 February 2018

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Win a sign Robbie Maddison book

Update 19 Feb 2018


What a great day, the sun was out and so we're many Gold Coast locals who turned out to meet the living-legend that is Robbie Maddison. Robbie is super humble for a guy whos stunts have millions watching each time he resets the level of what's possible on a dirt bike.

We'd like to thank all the fans for braving the heat, enjoying a drink (and a few Redbulls) and a sausage or two, and a BIG thank you to Maddo for being the legend that he is and helping make this great event possible.

Stay Tuned: you might have seen some fancy co-lab Fist Hardware gloves we are working on with Maddo and his team... details will be announced soon.

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Robbie Maddison book signing at MXstore

We couldn't be more excited to announce moto daredevil and stuntman Robbie Maddison (Maddo) is back in his homeland and coming to hang out at MXstore on the Gold Coast, and he wants YOU there! Maddo will be in store this Saturday, 17th Feb 2018, with Fist Handwear to sign your copy of his new children's book, 'The Story of Robbie Maddison', along with one of our famous MXstore BBQ's.

The Story of Robbie Maddison Freestyle Motocross LegendThat's right, the same crazy man that continually leaves us picking our jaws off the ground with his death-defying stunts, is coming to visit. This is the guy who went ridiculously viral with over 28 million views on YouTube, when he surfed his KTM300 on the monstrous waves of Tahiti. How is this even possible? Well, 5,000 man-hours, overcoming major setbacks and countless iterations to perfect the bike's design is what made this seemingly impossible dream a reality. Most people would just give up. Actually, to be honest, most people don't even think to do such unimaginable things, let alone have the determination to see it through. Check it out in the video below and see for yourself what a legend Maddo really is!

The multiple world distance jumping record holder also made headlines when he landed his bike on the top of the 29m high Arc de Triomphe at the Paris in Las Vegas on live television. Not only that, he then proceeded to descend a 100ft drop off the monument...which, of course, he absolutely nailed (he might've broken his wrist in the process, but whatever). And it doesn't stop there, Maddo's resume of stunts also includes backflipping across London's Tower Bridge, weaving his way through a bobsleigh track in Utah, and conquering an aerial jump at the end that saw him flying through the air for 114m and landing safely below. Not to mention the 115m leap across the San Diego Harbour, and the mammoth leap over the Corinth Canal in Greece.

Robbie Maddison Rides Wave in Tahiti on Motorbike

On top of being the most creative stuntman in history, this modern day Evel Knievel has also taken home an impressive string of awards in Hollywood. His stunt double role for James Bond actor Daniel Craig in the Bond movie Skyfall was incredible, and you may also recall his recent appearance in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, performing as a stunt double for Vin Diesel in the scene where he rode his motorbike on the ocean.

Robbie Maddison Jumps the Corinth Canal in Greece

Robbie Maddison is considered royalty in the dirt-bike industry, and as impressive and awe-inspiring as the guy is, he's also one of the nicest, most humble humans you will ever meet. Where most people would throw the towel in, Maddo will always kick on and get the job done. Always one to want to pass on his knowledge and show others how to realise their dreams, Maddo set-out to create a legacy and gear up our stars of the future, helping them to believe in themselves and never lose sight of what the heart truly desires. This was the driving force behind what motivated Maddo to write a children's book based on actual events, a book that tells the real story of Robbie's childhood, his ambitions, dreams, and the dedication that got him where he is today. His book is packed full of real-life lessons, encouraging kids to "dream big", with special messages in there from Maddo himself. Beautifully illustrated by renowned author and artist Garry Fleming, 'The Story of Robbie Maddison' is something that every kid, whether they throw a leg over a dirt bike or not, needs to read.

Come on down this Saturday 17th Feb from 12pm-2pm, grab yourself some snags, meet legend stuntman Robbie Maddison, and get your new favourite book signed by the man himself!

Robbie Maddison Races up Bobsled Toward Death Defying Stunt

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Longest jump on a road bike

dave on 25 February 2018

High Rise above and Beyond

Hey Robbie, Seen your post asking what next and just imagined an epic jump set up from one highrise building to the next at an extreme hight somewhere in the world, maybe even consecutive jumps highrise hopping and finishing off free falling with a Shute like BASE jump......... Pretty extreme right but I'm sure with the right crew and ground work you could pull it off. Love ya work brother, Cheers Bagsy

Rick Bagnall, on 23 February 2018

Next stunt

Do a stunt on a 70s to early 80s motocross bike

Chris Batham on 22 February 2018

Mountain Man

Maddo should come to Toowoomba for mountain man

Matthew Lampe on 22 February 2018

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