MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Joel Milesevic

Privateer Spotlight  |  12 April 2016

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MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Joel Milesevic


In this edition of the MXstore Privateer Spotlight we catch up with the MX1 athlete from Victoria Joel Milesevic.

Read below to learn more about Joel as he takes on the Motul MX Nationals in 2016.



How are you feeling about the 2016 opener?

It hasn’t really gone to plan so far, I’ve been struggling with a bit of fitness. I haven’t really been riding at this intensity for a while now but besides from that it’s better than what it could be and I can learn from how i’ve gone today. I had to set my bike up a little bit different for the race conditions because I’ve been doing a lot of practice but not much racing. We’ll get the second moto out of the way, hopefully go better than the first one and go home in one piece to get ready for round 2. 


Is it just you and your dad putting your bike together and driving to the races?

Me, my Dad and my mate Ben who is my mechanic. My major sponsor is Maddalon Motorsports and I work for them and they’ve bought me a race bike which I cant be happier about! But everything else is out of my own pocket, so it’s been a bit of a struggle really. As stupid as it sounds, even just to run a practice bike and keep it maintained so the thing’s not falling to pieces is hard enough let alone running two bikes but lucky enough they’re helping me as much as they can. 


What's your setup like?

Pretty basic really, I haven’t even got a pit tent. So I’m just running a standard bike with an fmf on it. Full Force Racing Components are doing my suspension which is really good but we are still trying to get the final touches. I was on a two stroke last year with the old style forks and this year i’m on a 450 which is a bit heavier with the new 4CS forks so we are trying to get it just that touch better where I can ride a little bit better but all in all my setup is pretty basic just come to the track and race out of a van.


Do you currently work or go to school during the week?

I work at a site out in Melbourne driving a dozer all day so it’s a bit of a struggle with no air con and all that and doing 45+ hours a week so it’s not that easy. But no excuses I’ve got to do it to get to the track and if I don’t I won’t be racing so it’s as simple as that. 


What are you future plans in the sport?

I really want to go back to Europe, I just feel like since I’ve come to Australia I’ve just never felt the same really. When I was in Europe I liked the way everything worked and I’m from Europe anyway so it just felt like home to me. I enjoyed the tracks, the food, the way the bikes are and it’s probably the best I’ve ever felt. Australia’s good but Europe is where it’s at for me and I want to be over there, I was going to go this year but it’s just too much out of my pocket. It costs about 80 Grand to get over there so hopefully i’ll be able to get there at the end of the year and do a couple of local races. I have a few contacts who are like family to me so they always give me a hand if I need it. That’s my future, even if I have to take a year off racing to save up I think I’m going to do that.


Are there many decent places to ride near where you live?

I get a bit of help at Ride Park Vic so I can ride there for free and he is always prepping the track. There is not many local tracks, there’s Frankston and Park 4 MX but I don’t go out there too much. I’m trying to get a hold of more private tracks but it’s a bit of a struggle because I don’t know that many people in the sport. The guys at Maddalon Motorsports are going to build a track on their land so that would be bloody awesome and once we get that running we can build a track that’s got a bit of everything and I can ride there after work. So that will be good to get a bit more ride time rather than just once a week. 


What do you do for fitness training?

Usually once I finish work I go for a run or a cycle, I like running because it burns me up more and I get a lot more from it. The last few weeks I’ve actually had to stop running and cycling because I’ve had a buggered knee so that sucks. I go to the gym after that and get home at about 8 and go to bed then repeat that every day. The last few weeks have been a bit off for me I haven’t been able to do much intense cardio training, I’ve been doing a bit of rowing but didn't want to push it too hard coming into the nationals if for example I went for a run and the next day I couldn’t walk with the knee. 


What do you like to do away from the track?

I don’t really know to be honest with you! My whole life has pretty much been just go to school, come home just look at your bike, work on it, watch motocross videos or something. But, now I am a bit older at the end of the season I usually take about a month off hang out with a few friends maybe go somewhere down the river. Just go have a bit of fun, I’m not really much of a party person so nothing stupid. Apart from motocross I don’t mind a bit of go karting and my mate Ben who is my mechanic is a fitness freak and does triathlons so we train together. I don’t mind going to the beach, can’t surf but I can almost drown so it’s good!


Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Obviously my parents, they’ve done as much as they can for me over the years but this year they can’t do as much. I’ve got two sisters who my parents have to back, and it’s just fair if they get as much support as I did when I was younger. All my family, Adrian & Anthony from Maddalon motorsports and my mate Ben who has always got my back. He actually bought my gear for me that i’m wearing and he helped me buy my last bike. All the boys from Full Force & Golden Tyre. Sammy from SK designs has helped me out a lot with graphics this year and I just want to give a shoutout to everyone and make them all proud. 

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