MXstore’s Own Moto Insider #23

Motocross News  |  13 January 2015

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Round 2 - Chase Field - Phoenix, AZ

450 Main Event:

Another big week in SX with some clean and close racing coming to you from Arizona at Phoenix’s Chase Field. Last week’s winner, FOX rider Ken Roczen was on form again with a silky smooth and effortless riding style, also sporting the red plate for the first time in 2015.

Despite an early lead from a tight starting grid, Kroc was reeled in by the number 3 of Eli Tomac. A multi lap battle ensued between the two with multiple passes for the lead, and props to the riders for keeping the racing exciting but clean with both riders maintaining respect for each other with no sign of dirty passing moves being thrown around.

Kroc put up a good fight but couldn’t match Tomac’s pace and Eli eventually checked out for a clear win with Roczen 2nd. The battles continued for the 3rd place on the podium with one of the best rides we have seen from one of the crowd favourites Weston Peick and Ryan Dungey! A multi lap battle took place similar to the front runners and although Weston showed a lot of heart, he would eventually subside to the consistent hard charge of Dungey and settle for a very respectful 4th ahead of Thor rider Davi Millsaps, Jason Anderson and some other big names in the 450 class.

It was later revealed that Peick went a little long on one of the triple jumps and has broken his ankle which is being operated on this week. He is optimistic that he will race this weekend but that has to be hurting him!


Tomac Salutes the AZ crowd

Tomac Salutes the AZ crowd


450 Results:

  • 1. Eli Tomac Hon
  • 2. Ken Roczen Suz
  • 3. Ryan Dungey KTM
  • 4. Weston Peick Yam
  • 5. Davi Millsaps Kaw
  • 6. Jason Anderson Hus
  • 7. Andrew Short KTM
  • 8. Trey Canard Hon
  • 9. Jake Weimer Kaw
  • 10. Chad Reed Kaw
  • 11. Justin Barcia Yam
  • 12. Broc Tickle Suz
  • 13. Blake Baggett Suz
  • 14. Cole Seely Hon
  • 15. Justin Brayton KTM
  • 16. Brett Metcalfe Suz
  • 17. Dean Wilson KTM
  • 18. Mike Alessi Suz
  • 19. Josh Grant Kaw
  • 20. Jimmy Albertson Yam

250 Main Event:

The always exciting 250 class didn’t disappoint again this week with Cooper Webb taking his first ever Supercross main event win! The predator, Malcolm Stewart had a ripper of a finish taking out second place while last weeks winner Jessy Nelson rounded out the podium.

Zach Osborne got his Husky up to 7th place while his A1 sparring partner made it up to 4th on his Kawasaki.

Josh Hansen improved on last week’s performance with a 13th but some serious fitness training needs to go down to get Hanny up the front for the full race distance as it seems to be his biggest weakness at the moment. We are sure this will improve as the season rolls on though!

Honourable mention to the Privateer Aussie from Cairns Jackson Richardson finishing in 18th place. Jackson has been racing in the states for the past few years showing plenty of commitment! We will continue to track his progress throughout the season also.


Could this be the start of a championship fight for Webb and Nelson?

Could this be the start of a championship fight for Webb and Nelson?


250 Results:

  • 1. Cooper Webb Yam
  • 2. Malcolm Stewart Hon
  • 3. Jessy Nelson KTM
  • 4. Tyler Bowers Kaw
  • 5. Aaron Plessinger Yam
  • 6. Justin Hill KTM
  • 7. Zach Osborne Hus
  • 8. Shane Mcelrath Hon
  • 9. Zach Bell Hus
  • 10. Tommy Hahn Hon
  • 11. Matt Bisceglia Hon
  • 12. Michael Leib Hon
  • 13. Josh Hansen Kaw
  • 14. Cole Martinez Yam
  • 15. Chris Alldredge Kaw
  • 16. Scott Champion Yam
  • 17. Zack Freeberg Yam
  • 18. Jackson Richardson Hon
  • 19. Landon Powell KTM
  • 20. Alex Martin Yam


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