The MXsteeze #47 with Ben Townley

MXsteeze  |  24 November 2015

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The MXsteeze #47 with Ben Townley Oakley Troy Lee Designs Motocross Gear Alpinestars Twin Air


Townley Bio:

Ben Townley (born 12 December 1984) is a professional motocross rider originating from Taupo, New Zealand.

After claiming multiple National championships in his native New Zealand, Townley moved to Europe and began campaigning the MX2-GP World Championships. He rode for the German PHASE Suzuki team in 2001, but after internal troubles, left the team towards the end of the season and joined the Vangani Racing team.

In 2004, riding the prototype KTM 250-SXF four stroke, Townley won the MX2 World Championship over teammates future champ Antonio Cairoli and teammates Tyla Rattray and Marc DeReuver. Townley had reached a new level of speed and endurance, winning nearly every race when his prototype machine did not fail.

Townley returned to the Supercross championship in 2007 and won the 2007 Supercross Lites East championship over rookie Ryan Dungey and Ryan Morias. Ben Townley and teammate Ryan Villopoto kept the points race close during the 2007 Motocross series with Townley finishing a close second to his teammate.

Townley has since earned a reputation as a rider who is prone to injury and eventually announced his retirement from professional motocross competition in early 2013. However, in 2015, he agreed to come out of retirement to represent New Zealand in the 2015 Motocross des Nations in Ernée, France where he finished 6th and 2nd in his respective races.


Congratulations for winning the Townley signed jersey Mark

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